The foundation of successful corporate performance management is sound business intelligence, the basis of which is solid financial processes. As today’s financial institutions face many business challenges – from regulations to reporting to balancing risk with profitability – having the right tools in place to address these challenges is critical.

Prologue™ Financials from Fiserv streamlines and automates financial accounting processes for greatly improved efficiency. This solution can supercharge accuracy and efficiency while reducing costs – top priorities for every CFO.

In this webinar, discover how you can:

  • Cut the risk of errors that result in financial loss in half
  • Avoid restating or correcting financial reports
  • Provide auditors with complete and consistent information
  • Eliminate the majority of write-offs associated with unresolved exceptions

CFOs, Controllers and Financial Accountants should join Fiserv experts for an educational and informative discussion to learn how your institution can increase data accuracy, support accounting process automation, and create efficiencies that enable time and resources to be directed to strategic, profitable activity.

Key Speakers

Mike Perkowski
Moderator Credit Union Journal
Paul Reeves
Product Manager Prologue Financials