It’s no secret that financial services organizations are on a digital transformation journey. With increasing tech- savvy members and a growing millennial community, today it seems that everyone is seeking a better digital experience.

But one channel does not support all - so how do you balance the needs of your different demographics? Join Jay Reed, CIO of Service 1st Credit Union, as he shares his CU’s approach to supporting the changing needs of different member groups, from baby-boomers to millennials. Christopher Danvers, Vice President Payments and Digital Services from American Airlines Credit Union will then share his organization’s approach to digital strategy, plus lessons learned on enhancing the mobile channel.

Attend this webinar to uncover:

· The challenges driven by a new technology landscape and changing expectations

  • How Service 1st Credit Union defined digital projects based on different demographics
  • How American Airlines Credit Union designed, implemented, and realized benefits of their mobile strategy
  • Top 5 considerations to help balance technology and service in your market

Key Speakers

Mike Sisk
Contributing Editor, American Banker
Christopher Danvers
Vice President Payments & Digital Services, American Airlines Federal Credit Union
Chris Palmer
Vice President, Product Vision & Strategy, Doxim
Jay Reed
CIO, Service 1st Federal, Credit Union