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The National Credit Union Administration's latest Quarterly U.S. Map Review shows how credit unions in all 50 states are performing across a variety of metrics, and the data for the fourth quarter of 2017 shows a continuation of many trends seen in Q3.

The report, which tracks indicators such as membership, loans, shares, delinquencies and more, said federally insured credit unions “Saw continued loan growth in the fourth quarter.” But many important areas saw minor changes nationally for the year ending Dec. 31, 2017. Median loan growth at federally insured CUs remained at 5.0 percent, where it stood the previous quarter, but median asset growth declined slightly, from 2.9 percent at the end of Q3 to 2.5 percent at the end of Q4. Similarly, the median growth rate for shares and deposits slid from 2.8 percent at the end of Q3 to 2.4 percent at the end of Q4, though the median loans-to-shares ratio ticked up slightly, from 65 percent to 66 percent.

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