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What comes after the crash?
When the Credit Union National Association's Governmental Affairs Conference convened in Washington earlier this year, 78 "crashers" — young credit union professionals from across the country — were in attendance via the Cooperative Trust. The group sat in on general sessions, heard from a former president, got up close and personal with credit union leaders, and experienced the energy and passion GAC is known for.

So what happens after the hype fades?

Credit Union Journal embedded with members of the Trust during GAC, and reached out to 12 participants after the event to get a sense of how the experience impacted them and how they plan to make the most of the enthusiasm they felt there. Members of this year's cohort took part in an anonymous poll from CU Journal and offered their own reflections on what they took away from the program and the conference, what they learned and how they plan to implement that back at their own credit unions. Read on for their responses.