Immediately after NCUA unveiled its eagerly awaited revised risk-based capital proposed rule, some credit union executives took to Credit Union Journal's website to sound off on it.

"If you raise the asset threshold for risk-based capital to credit unions with more than $100 million in assets you essentially have a rule for about 10% of the credit unions," wrote Henry Wirz, CEO of $2 billion SAFE CU, Folsom, Calif. "That is a mistake. Reasonable risk-based capital rules are good for everyone and should apply across the board."

Wirz, well-known to credit union executives as an outspoken critic of NCUA, has become a regular commenter at on a variety of articles and topics.

In Praise of McWatters

"I just really appreciate McWatters," wrote Robert V Taylor, CEO of $150 million Idaho State University FCU, Pocatello, Idaho. "He's pragmatic and truly understands the credit union industry. Kudos to McWatters."

Indeed, McWatters has become something of a hero among credit union executives, not only for his opposition to the controversial RBC proposed rule, but also for having faced off with NCUA Chairman Debbie Matz over increasing the agency's budget. The two also clashed when McWatters suggested the agency should devote more resources to combatting what he termed "garden variety fraud at smaller credit unions" rather than focusing on promulgating more rules.

Like Taylor, Wirz also praised McWatters in his comments at "Mark McWatters spoke to the Western States Roundtable CEOs," he wrote. "I was impressed with his willingness to engage in a conversation with the CEOs and his open mind. He is a breath of fresh air that is welcome."

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