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In refreshing both our digital and print channels, we've updated our categories to reflect changes in the credit union marketplace. For example, one of our new content categories is Payments, an addition that reflects the value CU professionals increasingly place on areas like mobile wallets, same-day ACH, alternative currencies and contactless payment devices.

The bottom line: our new designs are all about creating a better experience for you, our readers. Expect a sharper focus on topics like technology, lending, payments and compliance. Expect not just the news, but the insight that puts events in a context relevant to the credit union community. And, as always, expect us to keep growing and evolving — as you grow and evolve.

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Hello, Denver

As credit unions gather in the Mile High City this week, America's Credit Union Conference will have an international audience, as CUNA and the World Council of CUs are holding their annual meetings in conjunction with one another.

Most often, U.S. credit unions think in terms of what they can teach credit unions from other nations, but there are many lessons to be learned from international credit unions, as well.

For example, with the EMV liability shift looming, American credit unions can turn to their European counterparts to learn what "life after EMV" looks like. Given that many of the biggest data breaches would not have been prevented by EMV, what other steps are CUs in other countries taking?

With merger mania ongoing in the U.S., what might American credit unions learn from countries where the system is dominated by a few big regional players?

Sometimes, it pays not only to look outside the box, but outside our borders, too.

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