Against all tradition, I never make New Year's resolutions. But it doesn't mean that I lack resolve. It's just that people so rarely stick with their New Year's resolutions that I long ago determined that anything that was worth resolving to do should be done right then. It shouldn't wait for Jan. 1 (only to die out by Jan. 31, if not before).

I also don't make big predictions for the New Year — another popular tradition. I'll admit this is partly out of a desire not to wind up being proven wrong come Dec. 31. But it's also because I could easily make a bunch of very safe predictions that will almost certainly prove out in the months to come, but I wouldn't be telling you anything you didn't already know.

So, it is with much gratitude that I can, instead, point you to our "The Year Ahead" special report, in which a number of brave souls offer their insights into what credit unions can expect to see as 2015 unfolds. We've covered everything from compliance and financial performance, to lending  and risk-based capital , as well as some interesting HR trends.

But there is still so much more to explore — trends in branch development, challenges and opportunities in social media and payments, new technological innovations to come, what the future holds for the mortgage market — but not enough space in this issue to cover it all. Fortunately, that's where our website,, comes in.

All this month at, we'll be featuring even more articles digging into what the future holds for credit unions. It's all part of our effort to give you the news and intel you need to keep growing and strengthening your credit union..

While you're visiting, please do take advantage of the opportunity to be part of the discussion of the ideas you encounter — it's our goal to be a forum where credit union leaders can share their thoughts and debate key topics.

That can take the form of traditional letters to the editor (see Truliant FCU CEO Marc Schaefer's letter on page 6), but we want to provide our readers even more opportunity to be heard.

That's why offers readers the opportunity to sound off on a particular article right there on the web page where the article "lives." Take advantage of the comments box at the bottom of every article to provide your feedback. As always, we'll feature some of the most thought-provoking comments both online and in print.

Change to Publishing Schedule

Effective this year, the print edition of Credit Union Journal will be published on a biweekly basis. To echo what I noted above, that doesn't mean we'll be producing less content. On the contrary, our goal will be to bring you even more information vital to your operations. More expert advice on how to meet the challenges coming your way. More strategies to leverage the hidden opportunities those challenges frequently bring.

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