NASHVILLE, Tenn.-Steve Richman offered five other online resources he said provide additional support to credit union marketing:

* This site is the National Multiple Listing Service's consumer site, and includes rankings of real estate agents. "Instead of the back of your business card saying, 'The greatest compliment I could ever receive is a referral from you," go with, 'My NLMS consumer number is such and such.' It puts the members at ease."

* This site may be popular among consumers and the real estate industry, along with data analysts, but when Steve Richman polled his NAFCU audience (made up primarily about directors), more than half indicated they were not familiar with it.

* (from the U.S. Department of Energy). "How many of your members talk about going green?," asked Richman. "You can go to and you willl find every federal, state and county tax rebate and tax incentive for going green on your residential real estate. Now, what have you just become? The most knowledgeable source for your membership. Getting them $500 back on that new fridge is much better than saying you have the best rates or products."

* (a service of Neilsen). "There are 67 different segments to be found there. The better you understand your membership and who lives in your area, the more likely you can understand and tailor your marketing. You can sort by zip code. Know your membership."

* "Type in any city and you will get more information than you ever hoped for about a city. You will spend at least 15 minutes on this site the first time you visit. Info on common occupations, and much, much more.

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