Wescom Resources Group LLC, a technology CUSO, announced that it signed multiyear agreements with six more credit unions to use its service bureau offering for system hosting and data processing.

The six institutions are:

  • Brazos Valley Schools Credit Union ($714 million in assets, based in Katy, Texas);
  • Long Beach City Employees Federal Credit Union ($308 million; Signal Hill, Calif.);
  • Anoka Hennepin Credit Union ($186 million, Coon Rapids, Minn.);
  • Blue Eagle Credit Union ($146 million, Roanoke, Va.);
  • Marshland Community Federal Credit Union ($142 million, Brunswick, Ga.);
  • Greater KC Public Safety Credit Union ($128 million, Kansas City, Mo.)

WRG said Long Beach City Employees FCU went live with its service bureau on Nov. 6. Four other credit unions that signed with WRG will go live in 2018, while the remaining credit union will complete its technology upgrade in 2019.

Currently, WRG provides core system hosting and data processing to a total of 34 credit unions across the country.

Jeff Thompson, Blue Eagle CU
Jeff Thompson, CEO of Blue Eagle CU

“Making the decision to go from in-house to hosted was big for us,” said Jeff Thompson, CEO of Blue Eagle CU, which performed their data processing internally prior to signing with the technology CUSO. “WRG has been very responsive through the conversion process. Our experience with WRG has reassured us of our decision to partner with them to host Corelation/KeyStone, our new core system.”

Under WRG’s Service Bureau model, each credit union will receive ultra-high system availability by hosting their core processing system at WRG’s data center in California. Service Bureau users will also be able to automate and outsource daily processing to WRG’s computer operations and support personnel.

Dave Cerwinski, vice president of sales and client services at WRG, explained that the KeyStone-based service bureau offers “a breadth of system infrastructure, process efficiency, and expertise that you cannot match anywhere else.”