The National Credit Union Administration is holding a webinar about credit union compliance with due diligence requirements in the Bank Secrecy Act on April 25.

The hour-long webinar will begin at 2 pm EST and will be available here.

The webinar, titled “BSA Compliance – Customer Due Diligence,” will address the final rule The Financial Crimes Enforcement Network in 2016 issued updating the Bank Secrecy Act’s requirements for effective BSA and anti-money-laundering programs.
The webinar panel includes:

· Sandra Sojka, regulatory policy officer with FinCEN’s Policy Division;
· Janet Carruthers, fraud and risk analysis specialist with NCUA’s Office of Examination and Insurance: and
· Andre Lucas, the director of compliance for the Maryland and District of Columbia Credit Union Association.

The topics panelists will be covering include:
· Reducing compliance and reputation risk with ongoing member due diligence;
· Enhancing risk-based procedures by including timely and accurate SAR reporting; and
· Improving the overall BSA and AML
program with specific procedures.

Questions can be submitted in advance at, and the email’s subject line should read, “BSA Compliance – Customer Due Diligence.” The webinar will be closed captioned and archived online around three weeks after the live event.