For the 20th anniversary of Credit Union Journal’s annual Day in the Life of Credit Unions project, instead of producing the big slideshow and print spread of photos that were taken all on the same day a couple months prior to International Credit Union Day, this year, we’re asking credit union to shoot their photos on International Credit Union Day.

Photos should be taken throughout the day on Oct. 19 and can be of just about anything that happens to be going on at the credit union that day. Whether it’s the kind of thing that happens every day – like a member service rep working with a member or someone delivering the mail – or something special that was cooked up specifically to celebrate ICU Day, we want your photos.

The Day in the Life of Credit Unions project was conceived to highlight credit unions and all of the ways they help their members, so even though many credit unions will have all kinds of special events happening in their branches on ICU Day, the real "magic" is in the credit union difference, which happens every single day. From unlocking the doors at the start of the day to locking back up at the end and all the moments in between, special and mundane, we want to show one day in the life of your credit union.

All photos must be taken on Oct. 19 and must be sent in by Nov. 8. Send high-resolution photos, along with basic caption information (name of credit union, where the CU is headquartered as well as where the photo was taken, and a brief explanation of what the photo depicts) to Be sure to also post them to social media with the hashtag #ICUDay.

The best of these photos will be featured in a slideshow on and in a special print edition Dec. 4.

For more information, please contact Lisa Freeman at or 561-429-6107.

Need some inspiration? Check out slideshows from previous years.