FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla.-Two credit unions shared the kinds of recognition programs they use within their credit unions to motivate employees.

At Travis Credit Union in California, Steve Langley said it has in place a number of different types of programs-and acknowledged that to be effective such programs must have a limited life.

Among those programs:

* E-xtraordinary: An online program in which employees are recognized and in which gift cards are awarded each month.

* Sales & Service Rock Stars: Literally, a rock, that is a trophy that moves around branches depending on how they are rated.

* Super Star Bars and Ask Bars: Super Star Bars is a program for support people, and Ask Bars is for retail employees when they are overheard asking the member the right question that might lead to a sale.

Travis recognizes employees on a monthly, quarterly and annual basis.

Langley acknowledged its e-recognition program is running out of gas and will need to be replaced. "Whatever your incentive program, it can't be cumbersome," advised Langley. "It has to be simple. It doesn't need to be big."

Meanwhile, at Neighbors Credit Union in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, Greg Inman said the credit union's incentive programs include:

* Pizza with the President: "(CEO Kathi Gill) spends a couple of hours on the last day of training with our new employees answering questions with them over a pizza lunch. She is completely focused on them for a couple of hours and talks about herself, the vision of the organization, and our vision for the future. She gives them a copy of the book 'Raving Fans.' Employees go through a six-week training course before we let them on the front line. We make them understand 'The Neighbors Way.' It helps these new employees to understand they are part of a special organization. We begin from the beginning with recognizing employees."

* Champions Club: "We recognize our staff for sales goals," said Inman. "We have had limo's surprise them and pick them up at branches and taken to dinner. At dinner they get awards. It's amazing to see the look on their faces at this annual event for recognizing them for what they've done for organization."

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