CU Realty Services, a real estate credit union service organization based in Scottsdale, Ariz., said it has added three credit union clients based in California.

The three new CUs are:

• $637 million Christian Community CU, San Dimas, Calif., 31,400 members
• $456 million Sacramento CU, Sacramento, Calif., 25,400 members
• $2.4 billion Technology CU, San Jose, Calif., 91,500 members

According to CU Realty Services, the three California credit unions now are using HomeAdvantage, the CUSO’s turnkey real estate program. The company said HomeAdvantage provides credit union members with online access to the real estate tools and support they need to buy and sell their homes: online property listings, recent sales data, neighborhood demographics, a network of reputable real estate agents and more.

“By offering these features, credit unions are empowered to reach, identify and engage more home-buying members much earlier in their real estate journey,” CU Realty Services said in a statement. “In the Golden State – where real estate prices and closing fees prevent many from buying a home – HomeAdvantage can boost mortgage volumes and make homeownership more affordable.”

Including these three new credit unions, HomeAdvantage is being used by 23 California-based credit union partners that service more than 2.8 million members.

CU Realty Services noted the program also provides savings to members at closing through HomeAdvantage Cash Rewards. When members use a real estate agent in the HomeAdvantage network, they qualify to earn a cash-back benefit equal to 20 percent of the agent’s commission. In 2016, HomeAdvantage gave back almost $5.5 million in Cash Rewards to members nationwide. In California, cash-back benefits average $3,000 in savings per transaction.

“Company growth is always exciting,” said Tina Powers, chief operating officer at CU Realty Services. “Seeing HomeAdvantage expanding into such a large state brings opportunities to help CU Realty’s credit union partners provide excellent real estate and mortgage services to many, many more members.”