CINCINNATI-If there's one design element Andrea Simler-DeGolier recommends CUs stay away from, it's posters.

"That whole layer of marketing can sometimes become stale and static," said Simler-DeGolier, who heads retail design and development at DEI, and recommends digital signage instead. "Right now it may be a misconception that it's expensive to do that, but when they look at their ROI and do their five- to 10-year plan, it's a good investment. And you're able to change your marketing message daily if you wish. I've been in some branches and those same posters are almost three years old."

Simler-DeGolier declined to share the costs associated with switching from posters to digital screens, but said that while there may be higher up-front costs, the ROI often comes in within about three years. "And then you no longer have to do your send out and you're not paying for posters and tri-fold marketing and things of that nature," she said. "I think that is a trend we're starting to see and we're going to see more of it."

Video messaging at the branch is particularly effective for credit unions, she said, because of the strong ties CUs have to their community and their members. With video and digital messaging, CUs can better tap into that community base.

"We do a lot of community-related graphics for credit unions," she said. "We also do it for banks, but I think more so on the credit union side, instead of just the community it will be actual pictures of the members and things like that."

Simler-DeGolier recognizes that the transition away from static marketing can be pricey, but she also recommended that CUs not go overboard with it. Rather, she said, place those tools in places they'll be seen, such as in community rooms, near teller lines and in other high-traffic areas.

"First and foremost, get your messages out there and have moving messages that people are actually going to pay attention to versus just the static marketing," she stressed.

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