CO-OP Financial Services announced that its CO-OP Shared Branch network has now passed Chase Bank in terms of the number of branch offices, giving the credit union cooperative the second-largest such network of financial institution branches in the country.

In total, CO-OP Shared Branch now boasts 5,671 physical locations (having added more than 400 branches over the past two years), while No. 3 Chase has 5,567 branches as of July 18, according to figures from the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation.

Wells Fargo sits alone at the top with 6,150 branches.

Todd Clark, CO-OP Financial Services
Todd Clark, president and CEO of CO-OP Financial Services

“Shared branching is to credit union members what Uber is to passengers looking for a nearby ride,” Todd Clark, president and CEO of CO-OP Financial Services, said in a statement. “It’s the best example there is of why credit unions are different than banks -- they share.”

Clark also noted about 1,800 of the 6,100 U.S. credit unions share their branches, while more than 3,000 credit unions are part of the CO-OP ATM network.

“When you couple in digital services, credit unions offer a financial ecosystem that is convenient, accessible and a positive force in communities,” Clark added.