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Calif. credit union reaches $450K settlement in discrimination suit

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California-based Tucoemas Federal Credit Union has reached a $450,000 settlement following allegations of age and sex discrimination.

According to the U.S. Equal Opportunity Commission, the credit union hired a male applicant with no credit union for an open position rather than any of three qualified internal female applicants who were over the age of 50. EEOC claimed the credit union subsequently retaliated against two female employees after they filed complaints alleging discrimination, effectively forcing one staffer to quit and firing another.

Along with providing monetary relief to the plaintiffs, the credit union has agreed to retain an outside equal opportunity employment consultant to continually monitor compliance with several statutes. The credit union also agreed to provide raining to all staff on age and sex discrimination and retaliation, along with revising policies and procedures related to those topics. Tucoemas FCU also agreed to establish a personnel tracking system – including recruiting, hiring, promotions, terminations and more – to help prevent future discriminatory actions.

EEOC will monitor the credit union’s compliance with these measures.

"Retaliation can chill a workforce from coming forward and reporting illegal behavior,” Melissa Barrios, director of EEOC’s Fresno, Calif. office, said in a statement. “We are encouraged that Tucoemas has taken the allegations seriously and has agreed to measures that will benefit the workplace."

Tucoemas FCU representatives did not immediately respond to Credit Union Journal’s request for comment Wednesday evening.

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