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The Best Credit Unions to Work For with assets from $500M - $1B

These credit unions make being the best look easy.

This year 50 institutions made Credit Union Journal’s annual ranking of the Best Credit Unions to Work For, a project done in partnership with Best Companies Group. Credit unions on the list range in size from just 31 staff members and under $200 million in assets all the way up to institutions with billions in assets and thousands of employees.

But all of them go out of their way to take care of their workers. Many offer additional healthcare options, such as annual biometric screenings, access to physicians’ services over the phone and regular wellness fairs.

An explanation of how each year's winners are selected can be found here.

What follows is a listing of this year's honorees who hold $500 million - $1 billion in assets.

Note: All institutions are listed by their chartered name as listed by the National Credit Union Administration.

Truity Credit Union - 2019 Best CUs - CUJ 091619.jpg
Truity Federal Credit Union
Location: Bartlesville, Okla.
Assets: $830 million
Overall rank: 5
Asset category rank: 1

Reasons employees like working here:
· The credit union hosts a biannual employee wellness fair to promote healthy lifestyles.
· Employees can take part in team building and social events, such as ice cream socials and departmental holiday gatherings.
· Staff can use flex time to take time off for personal or family events without cutting into vacation or sick days.

Pictured above: Truity’s annual “All Staff Reunion” brings together staff who work remotely in various states for a day of excitement, learning and networking.
One Nevada Credit Union - 2019 Best CUs - CUJ 091619.jpg
One Nevada Credit Union
Location: Las Vegas
Assets: $937 million
Overall rank: 7
Asset category rank: 2

Reasons employees like working here:
· Every six months, the corporate office and branch administration hold celebrations with food, fun and prizes to celebrate achieving the credit union’s goals and accomplishments.
· “One wear” logo attire promotes a fun but professional work environment, and each new employee receives a “One wear” shirt that can be worn with jeans on Fridays.
· Staff can transfer paid time off to the CU’s extended illness bank (paid at twice the normal amount) so that in the event of an illness employees can secure up to 320 hours of paid time off.

Pictured above: Employees take part in “TOPS,” One Nevada Credit Union’s annual employee awards celebration. The name is an acronym for Teamwork, Opportunity, Progress and Service.
Mobiloil CU - 2019 Best CUs - CUJ 091619.jpg
Mobiloil Credit Union
Location: Beaumont, Texas
Assets: $817 million
Overall rank: 11
Asset category rank: 3

Reasons employees like working here:
· Employees enjoy themed events throughout the year, including Easter egg hunts, gift exchanges, potluck meals and cook-off contests.
· Staff can use the CU’s “Social Corner” intranet to post personal items, events and news.
· The credit union holds a professional-development day off site that includes motivational speakers and information about new initiatives for the upcoming year.

Pictured above: Motivational speaker Jake French, center, poses with staff who attended the credit union's company-wide professional-development day.
Deseret First CU - 2019 Best CUs - CUJ 091619.jpg
Deseret First Credit Union
Location: Salt Lake City
Assets: $694 million
Overall rank: 20
Asset category rank: 4

Reasons employees like working here:
· The credit union sponsors monthly events for employees to socialize, eat and get to know each other better.
· New mothers and fathers can bring their babies to work for the first five months of the baby’s life.
· Employees are eligible for significant discounts on rental cars for personal or business use.

Pictured above: Taylor Sanderson, AVP of business intelligence, and Gary Bingham, manager of enterprise risk management, provide drinks and snacks to over 200 golfers taking part in an event to benefit the Deseret First Foundation, which supports missionaries for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.
Michigan First CU - 2019 Best CUs - CUJ 091619.jpg
Michigan First Credit Union
Location: Lathrup Village, Mich.
Assets: $974 million
Overall rank: 21
Asset category rank: 5

Reasons employees like working here:
· The credit union provides tuition assistance for approved degree programs that are directly related to an employee’s position.
· An on-site concierge assists employees in car services, dry cleaning, shopping, research and errand running.
· Employees have free access to a fully equipped, on-site fitness facility. Staff can use the state-of-the-art gym 24/7, which includes locker rooms and an eight-lane bowling center.

Pictured above: Michigan First's call center team enjoys a Detroit Tigers Opening Day celebration as part of the CU's team-appreciation initiatives.
Palmetto Citizens CU - Best CUs 2019 - CUJ 091619.jpg
Palmetto Citizens Federal Credit Union
Location: Columbia, S.C.
Assets: $884 million
Overall rank: 23
Asset category rank: 6

Reasons employees like working here:
· The credit union has a recognition program for birthdays, events and an annual awards day when multiple staff members are honored for their good works.
· PCFCU sponsors monthly events with free dinner and drinks for employees to network.
· Each new staff member has lunch with the president to learn about the credit union’s values and his commitment to helping them achieve their potential.

Pictured above: Palmetto Citizens staff members participate in an interactive Reality of Money event. Teenagers are transformed into wage-earning, bill-paying and financially independent adults. The goal is to show them how financial choices impact their budget and lifestyle.
Los Angeles FCU - Best CUs 2019 - CUJ 091619.jpg
Los Angeles Federal Credit Union
Location: Glendale, Calif.
Assets: $987 million
Overall rank: 29
Asset category rank: 7

Reasons employees like working here:
· The credit union pays for lunch once each quarter to celebrate good financial results. It also pays for activities such as bowling nights, holiday breakfasts and events at the local theme parks.
· LAFCU makes an effort to celebrate its cultural diversity, including December holidays for various religious traditions, Black History Month, an Asian heritage lunch and more.
· The annual health fair offers stress-relieving activities for staff including massages.

Pictured above: Los Angeles Federal Credit Union employees volunteer with friends and family in February. The group donated a $5,000 check to Habitat for Humanity, then spent the day helping build homes for six deserving families in Glendale, Calif.
Southland CU - Best CUs 2019 - CUJ 091619.jpg
Southland Credit Union
Location: Los Alamitos, Calif.
Assets: $810 million
Overall rank: 31
Asset category rank: 8

Reasons employees like working here:
· The credit union sponsors “step into summer” competitions in which associates track how many steps they take each day using a Fitbit or smartphone. Prizes are given to the top three winners.
· The annual associate appreciation party, hosted by CEO Tom Lent, is held at a local country club where all staff are invited to attend along with a guest.
· All full-time employees on the job for at least six months can apply for the associate personal computer loan program, which provides loans of up to $3,000 at 0% APR to help staff afford their own personal computers.

Pictured above: A Southland Credit Union employee team volunteers during a beach cleanup day at Seal Beach, Calif., in May.
Neighbors FCU - Best CUs 2019 - CUJ 091619.jpeg
Neighbors Federal Credit Union
Location: Baton Rouge, La.
Assets: $944 million
Overall rank: 34
Asset category rank: 9

Reasons employees like working here:
· Staff can take part in sponsored events such as mini-golf and potluck meals.
· The credit union offers employees access to quiet spaces equipped with massage chairs, mood lighting and beverages.
· Grant funds are available for employees facing financial hardships.

Pictured above: The entire staff of Neighbors FCU gives back to the community during the annual Neighbors Day. This particular team prepares food sufficient to make 3,480 meals for families in need in the greater Baton Rouge area.
Arbor Financial CU - Best CUs 2019 - CUJ 091619.jpeg
Arbor Financial Credit Union
Location: Kalamazoo, Mich.
Assets: $652 million
Overall rank: 36
Asset category rank: 10

Reasons employees like working here:
· The credit union sponsors four optional “5:31 after-work parties” per year that run for two hours. Food, beverages and activities are provided.
· Full-time employees work 38 hours each week and get two hours for flex-time.
· CEO Julie Blitchok hosts “Arbor connect,” a biweekly 10-minute call to all staff that helps keep employees informed about what’s happening across the organization.

Pictured above: Heroic staff and family members represent Arbor Financial Credit Union at the Three Rivers Water Festival Parade. Employees gave out hugs, high fives and provided superhero smiles.
Listerhill CU - Best CUs 2019 - CUJ 091619.jpg
Listerhill Credit Union
Location: Muscle Shoals, Ala.
Assets: $842 million
Overall rank: 39
Asset category rank: 11

Reasons employees like working here:
· The credit union routinely hires licensed massage therapists for the staff, followed by a healthy tropical smoothie.
· Employees can wear jeans on Fridays.
· College tuition reimbursement is available to staff who return to school to obtain advanced degrees.

Pictured above: A group of Listerhill employees visit the corporate headquarters of Chick-fil-A as part of a team-building event focused on inspiration and company culture initiatives.

More information about Listerhill Credit Union can be found here.
Verve, a Credit Union - Best CUs 2019 - CUJ 091619.jpg
Verve, a Credit Union
Location: Oshkosh, Wis.
Assets: $962 million
Overall rank: 40
Asset category rank: 12

Reasons employees like working here:
· Resident therapy dog Beau makes regular visits to the credit union to spend time with employees.
· Daily stretching break for all staff at 8:30 a.m. each day.
· The credit union offers pay-advance programs for fitness equipment, standing desks, professional attire or technology equipment.

Pictured above: Team members from Verve, a Credit Union, deliver water and snacks to volunteers during the local United Way’s Day of Caring event.
Tropical Financial CU - Best CUs 2019 - CUJ 091619.jpg
Tropical Financial Credit Union
Location: Miramar, Fla.
Assets: $749 million
Overall rank: 48
Asset category rank: 13

Reasons employees like working here:
· The credit union sponsors off-site employee-appreciation events, such as bowling and go-karting.
· Staff have access to a variety of incentive and bonus programs, along with 10 paid holidays for all employees.
· Senior management has an open-door policy and workers are encouraged to communicate from bottom up and top down, regardless of whether it is good or bad information.

Pictured above: Tropical Financial Credit Union staffers gather for the 2019 annual employee-appreciation event.