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The coronavirus pandemic has cast a shadow over the use of cash, which is often perceived as dirty because it frequently changes hands and is almost never washed.
July 21
The National Credit Union Administration's first-quarter look at credit union performance by state includes several metrics where the industry did not fare well.
July 10
The report from the regulator offers an industry-wide look at how credit unions have fared during the pandemic. Since the outbreak worsened in April and into May, credit quality could possibly worsen while earnings may sag even further.
July 2
The outbreak has completely upended whatever expectations the industry had heading into 2020. Here's key areas that have been shaped by the pandemic, some potentially forever.
June 24
The credit union regulator has implemented a host of measures to help the industry manage the pandemic, but there may be only so much it can do without congressional action.
May 21
The agency has freed companies from reporting requirements and provided flexibility on exams to help them deal with COVID-19 fallout. It has also finished other regulatory relief efforts that were in the pipeline before the pandemic hit.
May 18
Democrats’ latest proposal to back debt collectors, enable loans for nonprofits and provide other relief could help steer negotiations with the Senate on more stimulus.
May 15
The central bank’s programs announced since mid-April in response to the coronavirus outbreak match if not exceed the actions it took during the 2007-9 financial crisis.
May 4