ATM Skimmers Enjoy Last Hurrah Before EMV Cramps their Style
NCR and Diebold – the two largest ATM manufacturers in the U.S. – report that skimming is getting worse. One likely reason: the adoption of harder-to-skim EMV chip cards in this country starting in October.   more »
JESUP, Ga. — Altamaha Federal Credit Union here now uses the Sharetec System as its core processor. more »
Studies find people aged 35 and younger have a negative savings rate. USAA tries to combat that trend. more »
As the credit union-led mobile platform works hard to attract small-business support by drawing on the local ethos that the community has nurtured for years, it faces a formidable challenge from device makers such as Apple and Samsung as they bake their own wallets into the hardware. more »
WOODBURY, Minn. — Pipefiters Steamfitters CU here has completed its conversion to Sharetec's core system, the two organizations announced Thursday. more »
The Iowa Credit Union League has launched a new website that features "new and improved functionality" and resources for the trade association's member credit unions. more »
No sooner does a CU have one social media site figured out than four new ones pop up. Experts predict which sites are waning and provide practical tips for leveraging these new tools. more »
As consumers' tastes turn away from branches and toward mobile devices, some credit unions and banks are trying to replace the customer standby, the 800-number, with more modern communication media such as video chatting and SMS text. more »
Digital CU, which created the DCU Center of Excellence in Financial Services, teamed up with Boston-based co-working firm Workbar, to give Fintech startups the tools, space — and yes, some capital — to do what they do best: innovate. more »
So-called 'innovation labs' are cropping up all over, but few can boast the kind of real world results that have led to changes to state laws, programs that save CUs countless dollars and help attract new members along the way. But this one can. more »
Seaboard FCU here has selected Synergent for its core processing needs. more »
Study finds younger consumers would bank with these companies if they offered financial services. more »
Hackers stole Social Security numbers and other personal data for about 21.5 million people in breaches of the U.S. government's personnel office, the Obama administration said. more »
Sep 28 – 30, 2015   Las Vegas, NV
The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas
So You Think Your Credit Union Can Dance?
This is the second year Shreveport, La.-based ANECA FCU has participated in National Dance Day, a project created by the stars of Fox TV's "So You Think You Can Dance." Here's a look at the CU's efforts for 2015.