Is Mobile Account-Opening Safe?
Consumers, especially millennials, increasingly prefer to do everything on mobile devices, including signing up for bank accounts. But as some FIs start to open accounts this way, how can they tell the real customers from crooks?   more »
To attract this technology-savvy generation, CUs must understand their motivations and their needs—and have the online, mobile and social media tools that they’ve come to depend on. more »
Instead of shuttering poor-performing locations, this Idaho CU is plumbing the demographics of who uses each of its branches to customize each one to the target audience in that particular area. more »
The Mountain West Credit Union Association said it is purchasing a shared-ownership stake in Ontario, Calif.-based Plexcity for information technology, accounting/finance, and human resource solutions. more »
Seven financial trade groups announced Monday that they are banding together to push legislation that would extend bank-like data security standards to retailers and non-bank businesses. more »
Increasing concerns about data breaches were among the reasons executives at Sebasticook Valley Federal Credit Union decided to undertake a core conversion along with a network update. more »
Social Security Numbers may as well be the keys to the kingdom where cybercriminals are concerned, making any business that collects that data—including credit unions—a prime target for hackers. more »
Farm Credit Employee FCU in St. Paul, Minn., has chosen Sharetec as its new core system, the company announced in a Tuesday press release. more »
SAN DIEGO – Credit union core processing vendor Corelation, Inc., on Friday said it has signed its 50th credit union to convert to its KeyStone core: $111 million Lone Star CU, Dallas. more »
In an attempt to encourage small businesses and local entrepreneurship, Vermont State Employees Credit Union takes a stake in Green Mountain State equity crowdfunding platform Milk Money L3C. more »
New ranking from Shastic explores how well credit unions are leveraging evolving digital channels, such as mobile banking and social media, which are generally considered to be "must haves" to capture the millennial market. more »
In the past, Anonymous has launched distributed denial of service attacks heavy waves of malicious traffic that can slow a website or shut it down entirely.
The hacktivist group Anonymous, which brought down the Greek central bank's website through a distributed denial of service attack on Tuesday, claims it will be targeting financial organizations around the globe over the next 30 days. more »
CO-OP Financial Services and TMG have commissioned Mercator Advisory Services to study blockchain technology in order to help credit unions decide about using this digital ledger system that provides a distributed list of records including transactional data and sequence. more »
Great Rates for Everyone
Pentagon FCU has launched the first ad in a series of ads that will be released over the next two weeks and broadcast in several key markets across the country.