Credit Union Journal  |  Monday, January 28, 2013

Special Report: The Risk From Fraud No matter how many tools created to prevent fraud, it still happens every day. Learn how credit unions are handling the risk from old-fashioned human-based internal fraud and new-fangled technology-based fraud in this week’s special report.

CU Journal Announces Grow Show Meeting Dates

Credit unions of all assets and locations share one thing in common: it's imperative that they grow. That's why Growth will be the only item on the agenda at Credit Union Journal's Grow Show 2013, which is now set for May 30-31 in Orlando.

evolve Creates 'Brand Ambassadors' To Raise Awareness In Market

evolve FCU here is creating a group of young adult "brand ambassadors" to help increase awareness of the credit union in the community.

5 Strategies For Stopping The Slide

Lost among all the talk of growth strategies credit unions are or should be implementing is the fact CUs in some areas of the country are simply striving to eke out a small net income.

Lending As A Growth-Driver

For $2.1-billion Redwood Credit Union the recession did not bring the kinds of losses than plagued many CUs, but it did knock a hole in its normally robust lending portfolio.

Is Bank Transfer Day So 2011? Not At Xceed Financial, Which Is Tapping The Momentum In 2013

The sentiments behind Bank Transfer Day is still out there, and $746-million Xceed Financial CU intends to tap it.

Slow Rebound In 'Turnaround Town'

2013 will most likely be a "mixed year" for $7.9-billion The Golden 1 Credit Union, but it will be an improvement from 2012.

Good Thing 'Big Brother' Is Watching

For $669-million One Nevada Credit Union, the omnipresent watchful eye of "Big Brother" is a good thing.

How One California CU Not Only Weathered The Storm But Remained A Rainmaker Throughout

The pinch of the recession was barely felt at $5.7-billion San Diego County Credit Union, which has followed a small loss in 2008 with four straight years of solid income-with more expected in 2013.

With Uncertainty Around Interchange, Analyst Urges Leveraging Advantage

There's too much at stake this year not to aggressively promote debit cards to members, asserts CSCU.

New Functionality Good. Bringing It To Market Even Better

An open core system that allows credit unions to easily add and share new functionality is not only key to individual CU growth this year, but to the entire credit union community as well, asserts Open Solutions.

Why One Person Says Factors Are Favorable For Renewed Interest In HELCs

One person believes that home equity lending could be a major boon for credit union growth in the new year.

'Money Match' Contest Boosts Lending, Cards, Direct Deposit

Mission Federal Credit Union has launched "Mission Fed Money Match," a program that matches the dollar amount of winning members' loan payments, debit or credit card purchases, or direct deposits, up to a certain amount per transaction type.

What CUs can do that Santa can't...
Looking for a new car this holiday season? This spot from Synergy CU in Ireland is a reminder that there might be better places to go for that than Santa.