Credit Union Journal  |  Monday, November 19, 2012

Credit unions from across the country share their in-the-trenches stories about how they're using technology to do everything from improving security to driving a better CRM, and much more in this week's special report.

How OSU FCU Put A 'STOP' To Security Audit Problems

A third-party security audit at OSU FCU here found deficiencies in five security-related areas, leading to the internal development of a program here called STOP.

IT Scrambles To Manage Burgeoning Security Risk

As more and more employees bring their mobile devices to work, IT departments are faced with an ever-changing landscape filled with security and encryption pitfalls.

FedChoice's IT Dept. Creates In-House CRM Suite

Adding to the growing number of credit unions that are tapping in-house talent for technology initiatives, this month FedChoice FCU launched its own version of a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software program.

More ROI From Social Media Is Desired, But…

Facebook has been "liked" by a countless number of credit unions. The same can't be said, however, for credit unions looking to show any ROI on Facebook or other social media.

Making The Case For Beefing Up Technology

Case Credit Union has spent the last two years developing what it believes are innovative, technology driven initiatives that will help it to better capture the all-important younger member demographic.

Pioneering A Solution With Existing Technology

Faced with potential litigation due to a discrepancy in its system for tracking paid time-off for an employee requiring surgery, Pioneer West Virginia FCU has revamped its payroll system to include a number of improvements.

The Future of the CU Movement
With more than 500 participants spread among credit unions in Florida and Alabama, the League of Southeastern CUs' Young Professionals group is one of the most active in the country. Here's a look at how that group -- working together and with more seasoned members of the industry -- is creating the future of the credit union movement.