Credit Union Journal  |  Monday, November 26, 2012

In this issue Credit Union Journal launches the first of a two- part series featuring Best Practices in credit unions. From loan promotions to membership-builders, and from cost savings strategies to leadership, the Best Practices being highlighted are aimed at providing new
and innovative ideas to readers. Coverage will continue in the Dec. 3 issue.

Hispanic Market Is Not Just A Single Market

To proceed with growth strategies to reach the Hispanic market, the CU must first understand the unique characteristics of the local Hispanic population.

Interest Rates Have GASFCU Being Cautious In Growing

At a time when a majority of credit unions are not growing at all, Glendale Area Schools FCU has had to put its emphasis on controlling growth.

One Company Sees New Opportunities From ATMs

With many credit union CEOs seeking ways to make better use of the technology they already have in place, Todd Nuttall says the answer is staring them in the face: the ATM.

JSFCU Will Be Focused On Restarting Auto Lending

For Jersey Shore FCU, much of its focus in 2013 will be on looking to rebuild its auto loan portfolio, as well as what is projected to be more than a year-long effort to recover from Hurricane Sandy.

Adjustments To Websites Can Drive New Revenue

Credit unions can drive product growth in 2013 by going back and taking a fresh approach to an old standby: their websites.

2012's New Members Will Be Key To 2013’s Success

CU nimbleness and the ability to turn bank converts into profitable relationships are keys to growth this year.

Marketing Needed To Maintain Momentum

Dollars invested into marketing this year should produce solid growth returns, observed one person who believes a great deal of the member growth CUs enjoyed last year can be credited to bank errors.

Former NCUA Chair Sees A Need To Focus On Plain, Old Checking, Efficiency Ratios During 2013

Credit unions looking to continue growing in 2013 should look no further than the humble checking account, according to Dennis Dollar.

Why Starting With The Members Already Onboard Is the Best Choice

Credit unions' quickest path to growth in 2013 begins at home.

Solution Pitched As Way To Beat The Auto Dealers

Beating auto dealers and captive finance companies will be key to auto loan growth in 2013, and one vendor has introduced a solution to help CUs do just that.

UICCU Plans To Build On Successful Three-Legged Model

One credit union sees no need in 2013 to alter a business model that led to 24% loan growth last year, boosted earnings 59% year over year, and has ROA above 2%.

Shreveport FCU To Expand Small Biz Program

This year Shreveport FCU will focus on making more micro-loans to help small businesses in the Mississippi Delta and Shreveport areas.

Capturing, Defending Funds On The Move in 2013

Estimating again that $400 billion in checking deposits could be on the move this year, one economist recommends CUs exercise excellent expense control to not only protect their portion of these funds, but to grow share from banks.

Carefully Lowering Deposit Rates

Florida Central CU said that in the new year it plans to stick with the same growth strategies that have helped it to prosper over the past year, but will make one adjustment-slightly lower deposit rates.

Analyst Sees Opportunity Around Credit Cards

One person believes that the new year offers tremendous opportunities for credit unions to grow their unsecured lending portfolios around credit cards.

Understanding What A New Generation Is Seeking

It's no secret that for any credit union to grow in 2013 it is necessary to market to a younger demographic. Similarly, it's no secret that means investing in technology and other delivery channels, especially mobile. But that's not enough.

How To Tap Unrealized Potential During 2013

For many credit unions, growing in 2013 will come down to not "standing in their own way."

The Future of the CU Movement
With more than 500 participants spread among credit unions in Florida and Alabama, the League of Southeastern CUs' Young Professionals group is one of the most active in the country. Here's a look at how that group -- working together and with more seasoned members of the industry -- is creating the future of the credit union movement.