Credit Union Journal  |  Monday, January 7, 2013

Special Report: The Year Ahead In western cultures, the number 13 has traditionally been considered unlucky. But luck has only a little to do with the success of a credit union. Solid strategies and foresight are what really matter.

Lending To Be Even Bigger Key In 2013

Credit unions will need to become even more aggressive lenders in 2013, not only to take advantage of rising consumer confidence and less deleveraging, but to ward off some other challenges heading their way.

Mobile Banking Via Tablets Will Grow Exponentially In 2013

In 2013 credit unions stand the best chance of standing out in the mobile space-and driving greater member loyalty-by concentrating efforts around tablet devices.

How To Reach Surging Hispanic Market In '13

With more than $1 trillion in purchasing power, the U.S. Hispanic community will garner more FI attention in 2013, especially in terms of small business offerings and prepaid reloadable debit, predicts Miriam De Dios.

Stepping Up Self-Service Channels

One analyst predicts this could be the year in which credit unions significantly step up implementation and use of self-service channels.

Member Growth To Continue in 2013

Expect 2013 to be another strong year of member growth, forecasts Stan Hollen, who recommends credit unions focus on ROA-driving strategies to offset all of the deposits coming in from the new sign-ups.

Meeting The Multiple Challenges Of Lending

It may be a new year, but for credit unions it's going to mean an old focus in order to grow: make more loans.

2013 And The Awareness Gap

Credit unions would be well advised to tackle the awareness gap in 2013.

Strategies To Beat Margin Compression

Looking for a little relief from margin compression? Don't look for it in 2013. Looking for what to do about it? Look to members and new pricing models, according to one analyst, who predicts margins will be even tighter this year.

Objection: League To Respond To Suits

With one legal battle seemingly won, the California Credit Union League is turning its attention in 2013 to patent infringement lawsuits some litigants are filing against its member CUs.

New Members Not Where Opportunity Lies

The trend toward consumers leaving big banks and taking their checking accounts with them will continue in 2013. But that's not where the best opportunity lies to add new checking accounts, reminded one expert.

10 Tips For Winning Grant Money in 2013

The Treasury Dept. has released its Notice of Funding Availability (NOFA), which announces funding available through grants to qualified community development financial institutions (CDFIs).

Credit Unions Focus Efforts to Bringing Younger People In

Credit unions need to focus their efforts in 2013 on bringing younger people into the CU-and not just as members.

What To Prepare For In 2013 (And Bring Advil)

Mobility, product differentiation-and Advil-will be key for credit unions in 2013, as they compete not just against the big banks, but also other CUs and new entrants into a changing payments landscape.

Some Good News On The Housing Market Front

As the housing market goes, so goes the economy. Therefore credit unions located in some of the hardest-hit economic areas of the country should enjoy improved bottom lines this year.

Mobile Transactions May Shift To Tablets

Mobile will continue its growth as a dominant channel in 2013, but one observer says consumer habits will increasingly be shifting from smart phone usage to increased tablet usage.

Where Opportunities For Income Abound

Credit unions in 2013 will do a better job of tapping the income opportunities that come with connecting lending and insurance, according to Jeff Chesky.

Breathing New Life Into ATMs

With all due respect to the focus on mobile banking, Todd Nuttall says an old warhorse holds the possibility of new profitability in 2013: the ATM.

Financial Wellness On The Rise

Credit unions making plans for 2013 might want to pay attention to some trend data released during late 2012.

Don't Overlook Other Side of ERM

Too many credit unions focus on the rick and compliance pieces of enterprise risk management (ERM), and not on the opportunities the process can present.

Start Planning In 2013 For Loss of CU Tax Exemption

As an industry, CUs in 2013 need to begin planning for how they will do business in an era in which their tax exemption is taken away.

What To Watch In 2013? Begin With CFPB

While there may be good news on the economy in 2013, the same can't be said of regulation, according to Dennis Dollar.

How ICL Can Improve Efficiencies

Credit unions will improve operational efficiency and member satisfaction in 2013 with ICL deposits, according to Matthew Gniech.

Catalyst Corp Sees A Mobile Future

Mobile banking services are a top trend to watch in 2013, according to Kathy Garner.

Lending System Consolidation Expected

Expect continued consolidation of loan origination systems this year.

What CUs can do that Santa can't...
Looking for a new car this holiday season? This spot from Synergy CU in Ireland is a reminder that there might be better places to go for that than Santa.