Walmart Pay's Foreboding First Month
Walmart Pay has been available nationwide at Walmart stores for several weeks, but consumers haven't taken much notice — a foreboding sign for those hoping for a breakthrough with merchant-branded mobile payment apps.   more »
Two corporate CUs — Catalyst and Alloya — are joining forces to provide a software platform that they vow will make checking more efficient and secure and easier to administer. more »
PSCU, the St. Petersburg, Fla.-based credit union service organization (CUSO), said 11 of its owner credit unions have signed long-term contract renewals for the CUSO’s credit and debit processing services. more »
A single paragraph in a lawsuit filed by the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau is sparking fears by third-party payment processors that the agency is quietly and significantly expanding its authority over the industry. more »
Citibank is offering surcharge-free ATM access to the customers of 16 credit unions and minority-owned banks in six cities. more »
Nearly half of U.S. consumers say they have been hit by credit card fraud within the last five years, and those breaches are becoming more commonplace, according to a survey released Tuesday. more »
Nebraska Credit Union League in Omaha has partnered with First Data's Star Network. more »
As the U.S. Supreme Court has agreed to consider a legal case on ATM fees, credit unions are bracing for impact. more »
The decision by a federal appeals court to toss out a blockbuster settlement between retailers and the card networks could re-expose some financial institutions to legal liability and threaten their already challenged interchange income. more »
A $5.7 billion settlement by Visa and MasterCard was rejected by an appeals court in New York, potentially renewing years of litigation with U.S. merchants over allegations that credit-card swipe fees were improperly fixed. more »
Visa's Digital Commerce App is allowing financial institutions to develop their own mobile wallets. Many of its clients are credit unions and larger community banks which may not otherwise have the resources to develop such a product internally. more »
Many U.S. retailers are still not processing EMV transactions, even though they have machines equipped to do so. Now with the release of new technology to speed up the process, will more merchants get on board? more »
Mobile wallet providers and retailers have been hunting for the magic formula to seamlessly blend loyalty and mobile payments, in the hopes that one would inevitably fuel the other. But it's a delicate recipe, and easy to get wrong. more »
Great Service Isn't Just A Myth
Neighbors CU highlights its commitment to service by showcasing a rather unusual member in this promotional spot.