Can Zelle Trump Venmo in P2P Exchanges?
The mobile payments solution is aimed at making it easier and faster for bank customers and credit union members to send real-time payments.   more »
The opening of the 2016 holiday season, which marks the first full year since the country's major EMV fraud liability shift, is proving what data security experts feared all along. more »
There is nothing more frustrating than standing on a long line waiting to pay for items only to have a credit or debit card in good standing red flagged—the dreaded false decline. But that false decline can prove even more painful for the credit union than for its members, because research suggests consumers who experience a false decline stop using the card—sometimes for good. more »
If a consumer is willing to shop online through a mobile device while sitting on the toilet, retailers need to be in the bathroom with that shopper during the holiday season. At least, PayPal sees it that way. more »
The U.S. sends $24 billion in remittances to Mexico each year, and that market is big business for some credit unions. Will President-elect Donald Trump really stop the flow of payments if Mexico refuses to pay for a border wall? more »
New research finds that many credit card users continue to pay only the minimum required each month, in spite of government-mandated disclosures designed to encourage them to get out of debt sooner. more »
A new solution designed by credit union professionals could soon allow consumers to more easily change payment settings for purchase at retailers such as Amazon and Netflix. more »
WASHINGTON -- In a speech defending his support of Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump, PayPal co-founder Peter Thiel faulted both major parties for letting recent financial bubbles occur under their watch. more »
SourceMedia, the publisher of Credit Union Journal, has unveiled a major content and user experience upgrade to PaymentsSource, its flagship resource for the payments industry. more »
As more merchants worry about EMV card slowdowns ahead of the holiday shopping season—when bottlenecks at checkout points could lead to many lost sales—more companies are coming up with their own ways to slash EMV payment times. more »
The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau’s final rule on prepaid cards will improve fraud protection and provide greater transparency of costs for such products, but is already drawing fire from credit unions and consumer advocates. more »
Starting today, banks and credit unions will get two extra chances every 24 hours to handle Automated Clearing House (ACH) credit payments. But by itself, same-day speed may not be enough to meet the demands of an increasingly digital world. more »
When Apple came knocking on their doors to sign up credit unions for Apple Pay, these companies saw an opportunity to change their ways and start acting like nimble, modern financial institutions. more »
The Joy of Sox
Just in time for winter, South Dakota-based Highmark CU has completed its "Joy of Sox" sock drive to benefit the homeless.