NCUA's New Chairman Is Plowing Ahead to Make Mark on Agency
With what may be as little six months to get anything done on a politically split two-person board, Metsger has moved quickly to solidify his position.   more »
Kim Ann King is vice president of marketing for EiQ Networks.
Credit unions have long paid close attention to managing risk, but identifying, evaluating and mitigating areas of vulnerability can go a long way toward keeping a CU’s data safe and secure. more »
Oddly enough, the quickest way to explain the credit union difference is also the quickest way to render a credit union unable to fulfill its mission. more »
The $1.7 billion credit union is shattering the idea that only small to mid-size credit unions have something to gain from becoming a CDFI. more »
Understanding what your members need and how you can meet those needs is vital, but equally important is learning how to educate members about all the ways the CU can improve their lives. more »
Efforts to craft proposal are already underway, but there are some concerns that the regulator won’t be able to get to this before RBC is implemented. more »
Credit unions must be willing and able to connect with members the way members want to be connected, and that increasingly means engaging them through the mobile experience. more »
Credit unions cannot afford to just donate to PACs this election season if they want to see lasting change on Capitol Hill. more »
As CUs have added more c-level positions, they may be too focused on hiring the right person for the right job today without thought for tomorrow. more »
Most credit unions already have the data they need to anticipate a member business's ability to service debt, but they might not be leveraging that information to the fullest, according to one expert. more »
The idea of allowing a merged credit union to maintain its identity as a "division" of a network CU is interesting, but small CUs should look to CUSOs and their trade groups for resources that would allow them to remain independent, according to former NCUA Board Chairman Michael Fryzel. more »
Cybersecurity expert Tim Kelleher offers five steps credit unions should take to protect their members. more »
I didn’t choose to be phone-free during my recent business trip to New York, but you’d be amazed at what you can learn when you’re off the grid. more »
Great Rates for Everyone
Pentagon FCU has launched the first ad in a series of ads that will be released over the next two weeks and broadcast in several key markets across the country.