How Sanders' Bank Plan Would Kill Credit Availability for the Poor
Sen. Bernie Sanders' victory in New Hampshire will undoubtedly boost his campaign, but his plan to cap interest rates for credit card and other consumer loans at 15% won't help anyone in the short term and could potentially wreak havoc on low-income people in the long term. Here's how.   more »
As increasing numbers of employers turn to high-deductible health plans that are tied to health savings accounts, and due to the high-transactional nature of the account, that’s good news for CUs, according to Kevin Boyles of Ascensus. more »
If you're going to make your members spend precious time providing you with all that data, the least you could do is actually make good use of it. more »
Outsourcing has allowed CUs to offer broader services and improve convenience, but it also adds a complex risk dimension for credit unions to manage. more »
Social media is an excellent channel for credit unions to utilize to engage with their members. If it’s promoted well, offers thought-provoking content, and doesn’t oversell products and services, social media can make a lasting impact on the success of your credit union. Krista Boyum, social media coordinator at MEMBERS Development Company shares five strategies for making the most of this important channel. more »
It's amazing what can happen when you eliminate 'miscellaneous' from your vocabulary and force yourself to think about things differently. more »
Everybody says they offer great service, but if you aren't measuring and monitoring all of the different ways your members interact with you, how can you be sure your service is up to snuff? more »
An increase in terrorist threats means an increased need for funding to carry out those threats, leading financial regulators to ramp up anti-money laundering scrutiny, including credit unions. more »
Geo-location and branch transformation are the sexy new buzz words, but don’t lose sight of a golden oldie that can help boost growth: PFI. Because growth never goes out of style. more »
Sure, some ambitions, like finishing an Ironman triathlon, just aren't for everyone, but it would be crazy not to consider some of these in 2016. more »
To balance investment in branching and mobile, the key is to start by asking the right question. more »
Thanks to Editor in Chief Lisa Freeman for her story, "House Panel Approves Data Security, NCUA Budget Bills," (Credit Union Journal, Dec. 9). more »
The trade association opens the new year with a pledge to push for changes on the regulatory and legislative fronts while also outlining changes from within. more »
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Pelican Asks: What's Your Story?
Pelican State CU asks members to share why they belong to the credit union, and one key theme emerges: helping a member during a specific time of need is what keeps them coming back through the door.