To attract this technology-savvy generation, CUs must understand their motivations and their needs—and have the online, mobile and social media tools that they’ve come to depend on.
With what may be as little six months to get anything done on a politically split two-person board, Metsger has moved quickly to solidify his position.
Credit union strategists and economists share perspectives on where the economy is heading and, more importantly, what credit unions should be doing right now to be ready for almost anything.
Metsger moved to hold public board briefings—believed to be a first for the agency that has often been criticized for lack of transparency—and is speeding up the review of call reports and the exam cycle.
ALEXANDRIA, Va. -- Low-income credit unions seeking Community Development Revolving Loan Fund assistance should give themselves sufficient time to file their applications, the National Credit Union Association said Thursday.
The National Credit Union Association announced Thursday a program to hear comments from credit union stakeholders called the Exam Flexibility Initiative.
Keystone Federal Credit Union’s members “overwhelmingly approved” a proposed merger with TruMark Financial Credit Union on Wednesday.
Instead of shuttering poor-performing locations, this Idaho CU is plumbing the demographics of who uses each of its branches to customize each one to the target audience in that particular area.
Credit unions have long paid close attention to managing risk, but identifying, evaluating and mitigating areas of vulnerability can go a long way toward keeping a CU’s data safe and secure.
The Department of Housing and Urban Development is telling lenders that down payment assistance programs still qualify for FHA backing despite concerns raised last year by HUD’s inspector general.
Great Rates for Everyone
Pentagon FCU has launched the first ad in a series of ads that will be released over the next two weeks and broadcast in several key markets across the country.