A team of 24 credit union leaders and guests from across the U.S. visited Tanzania for the Educruise Africa Safari conference in August as part of a credit union development educator exchange trip.
Strong home sales are boosting originations of Federal Housing Administration loans and opening the door for first-time buyers — developments that could portend the mortgage insurance agency receiving a positive report from auditors this fall.
While some credit unions have embraced some of the changes and are already reevaluating their underwriting policies in light of it, few — if any — are testing the full limits of the new regulations.
Seattle-based credit union once again turning to local musicians and artists for awareness initiative.
There are a variety of opinions on how CUs can best position themselves to capitalize on the Wells Fargo scandal, but one thing is clear: the time to do so is now.
In a move that surely surprised the benighted Wells Fargo, one of its big bank brethren has pledged not to take advantage of the scandal. Go figure.
WASHINGTON – More than one hundred House Democrats sent a letter to Consumer Financial Protection Bureau Director Richard Cordray on Wednesday calling for the agency to strengthen its proposal to rein in payday lending.
Bank Transfer Day is set for a comeback following the Wells Fargo cross-selling scandal, but credit unions are warned not to expect the same type of mass consumer migration they saw five years ago.
More CDCUs received grant funding this year, but the overall total awarded to credit unions was down slightly from 2015.
Freedom 1st Credit Union in Dayton, Ohio, has selected COCC as its new core processing system.
PenFed Highlights the CU Difference
PenFed CU CEO James Schenck went on TV to discuss the difference between banks and credit unions, and the credit union difference.