What Does the Future Hold for Corporate Credit Unions?

WEST PALM BEACH, Fla.-Pending regulations and a new economic environment will force many corporate credit unions to change their business models. With so-called "legacy assets" still clogging the ledgers of many institutions, the future of the corporate credit unions is still uncertain.

But what is certain is that once a plan is developed to clear off those assets, corporates will once again have to go back to the basics of making money on services instead of investments. Some consolidation is likely, especially for troubled institutions, and mid-sized "pass through" corporates are rapidly approaching a crossroads where they will have to either close up shop and merge or find ways to be competitive in a market without U.S. Central.

In this special report, Credit Union Journal explores the debate around the future of corporats from the perspectives of both corporate CEOs looking to thrive in a changing industry, and state regulators looking to ensure the survival of the dual chartering system, and others.