Friday, October 31, 2014

Indirect Auto Loan Rates (as of 10/31/2014)
Product Region New Automobile Rates
A+ A B C D Avg
New60MoCentral Midwest2.362.903.855.098.014.44
1YrUsed60MoCentral Midwest2.523.
2YrUsed60MoCentral Midwest2.573.114.095.318.214.66
New60MoTexas & Southwest2.542.983.675.117.634.39
1YrUsed60MoTexas & Southwest2.563.003.695.147.684.41
2YrUsed60MoTexas & Southwest2.613.063.795.237.784.50
Deposit Product Rates (as of 10/31/2014)
Product Banks & Thrifts Credit Unions National
Hi Low Avg Hi Low Avg Hi Low Avg
Interest Checking $2,5004.
Premium Interest Checking $10K4.
Regular Savings $1K4.000.010.1010.000.010.2110.000.010.13
Money Market $10K2.360.010.171.510.010.202.360.010.17
High Liquid Money Market $25K1.510.010.191.510.010.251.510.010.21
High Liquid Money Market $50K1.
3 Month CD $25K0.830.010.110.800.020.210.830.010.12
6 Month CD $25K0.950.
1 Year CD $25K1.510.
2 Year CD $25K1.770.050.451.650.010.691.770.010.50
5 Year CD $25K2.530.051.012.500.251.492.530.051.10
1 Year Jumbo CD1.510.
Fees and Service Charges (as of 10/31/2014)
Fees National Banks
Hi Low Avg
NSF Fee$45.00$5.00$32.06
ATM Surcharge Fee$5.00$0.00$2.67
Stop Payment Fee$40.00$0.00$30.20
Bill Pay Monthly Fee$30.00$0.00$6.75
Mortgage Rates (as of 10/31/2014)
Nat'l Avg Rate Banks & Thrifts Credit Unions Regional Averages
High Low Avg High Low Avg NW SW MW SE NE
15 Year Fixed Conforming3.484.662.513.483.742.973.433.523.483.463.493.48
30 Year Fixed Conforming4.315.553.604.304.673.664.304.334.324.284.314.29
15 Year Fixed Jumbo3.655.263.073.635.192.923.763.703.653.593.643.66
30 Year Fixed Jumbo4.255.923.554.205.523.854.534.
3 Year Adjustable Conforming2.873.912.472.873.202.532.862.852.882.862.862.89
5 Year Adjustable Conforming2.923.662.552.923.352.472.902.912.932.932.902.91
7 Year Adjustable Conforming3.063.572.743.053.582.683.
Home Equity Rates (as of 10/31/2014)
Type Nat'l Avg Rate Banks & Thrifts Credit Unions Regional Averages
High Low Avg High Low Avg NW SW MW SE NE
Home Equity Loans - 5 yr term, $25K, 80% LTV5.6318.7152.2405.9098.0002.4905.0775.8935.8015.4715.8815.179
Home Equity Loans - 10 yr term, $75K, 80% LTV5.6419.2502.2405.7798.0002.7505.3745.8955.7825.5895.7935.229
Home Equity Loans - 15 yr term, $125K, 80% LTV5.77410.2502.2405.8288.5003.0005.6835.8875.8685.7435.8825.533
Home Equity Lines of Credit - $25K, 80% LTV
Base Rate6.1019.5502.7406.3648.7502.4904.8386.1506.2846.0056.2615.876
Introductory Rate2.8725.2500.0002.7345.9900.0003.0643.3663.1723.0002.8072.371
Home Equity Lines of Credit - $75K, 80% LTV
Base Rate5.4498.8002.7405.6218.5002.4904.7175.6235.6535.3615.4585.207
Introductory Rate2.7915.2500.0002.6435.9900.0003.0003.3663.0192.9112.7162.356
Home Equity Lines of Credit - $125K, 80% LTV
Base Rate5.1678.3402.7505.2848.5002.4904.6965.3605.2995.1695.1534.944
Introductory Rate2.7815.2500.0002.6545.9900.0002.9773.5663.0502.9272.5042.347
Credit Card Rates (as of 10/31/2014)
Credit Cards Terms
APR Annual Fee Grace Period (Days)
Platinum Card$69.20425
Purchase APR11.018
Purchase Introductory APR0.565
Reward Card$85.39725
Purchase APR11.340
Purchase Introductory APR0.681

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evolve FCU celebrates Int'l Credit Union Day
evolve FCU, El Paso, Texas, produced this video showing how they thanked their members on International Credit Union Day 2014.
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