Endless Summer: No Need to Limit Auto Loan Promos to 3-Month Period

CUs traditionally have reserved big auto loan promotions for June, July and August, but historical car sales data suggests such a seasonal approach means CUs could be leaving money on the table.

Banks Flood NCUA's Mailbox on MBL Rule

Unhappy with the regulator's effort to pare back restrictions on CUs business loans, bankers have taken a page from the CU handbook, sending copious letters to NCUA about its proposed MBL rule.  more »

NCUA General Counsel Refutes NASCUS OTR Assertions

ALEXANDRIA, Va. — The ongoing dispute between state and federal regulators over NCUA's overhead transfer rate took yet another twist with the general counsel of NCUA writing a letter to the head of NASCUS that attempted to quash several of the trade group's arguments.  more »
FinTech Forward
As the U.S. Speeds Up Payments, Keep Your Eyes on These People
The nation's Federal Reserve Banks have kicked off a multi-year process aimed at speeding up our often painfully slow payment system. Earlier this month, a Fed task force on the issue elected a steering committee that will play a key role in defining a path forward. The 19 members on the steering committee represent various parts of the payments ecosystem, including banking giants, corporations like Walmart that are large users of the payment system, and payment innovators like Dwolla and Ripple Labs. Here's a look at 13 of them.  read more »
Sep 28 – 30, 2015   Las Vegas, NV
The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas
So You Think Your Credit Union Can Dance?
This is the second year Shreveport, La.-based ANECA FCU has participated in National Dance Day, a project created by the stars of Fox TV's "So You Think You Can Dance." Here's a look at the CU's efforts for 2015.