Kevin Dietsch

Constitutionality of CFPB Questioned: NAFCU Congressional Caucus

Despite praise from CFPB Director Richard Cordray, tension was high during his address at the conference, which also featured a variety of lawmakers alternately criticizing and defending the bureau.

Bipartisan CU Movement not Burdened by Divisive Election

The national CU trade associations and state leagues all have differing methods of how they distribute their political fundraising dollars, but all agreed that any candidate that supports credit unions is a candidate worth supporting.  more »

Same-Day ACH’s First Phase Offers Platform, Not a Silver Bullet

Starting today, banks and credit unions will get two extra chances every 24 hours to handle Automated Clearing House (ACH) credit payments. But by itself, same-day speed may not be enough to meet the demands of an increasingly digital world.  more »
FinTech Forward
Why Brexit Is Bad News for Fintech in London
The surprise vote by the U.K. in June to leave the European Union may encourage fintech firms in London to expand across the pond. That was the case with Duco, a financial data management company, which recently added senior managers in New York. "Hiring talent in London was already hard on the tech side, and we think it's going to get even harder" says CEO Christian Nentwich.

Duco was selected last year to participate in Accenture's Fintech Innovation Lab in London.  read more »

PenFed Highlights the CU Difference
PenFed CU CEO James Schenck went on TV to discuss the difference between banks and credit unions, and the credit union difference.