A Day in the Life of Credit Unions (part 2)

On the day of the photo shoot, Genesee's NCUA examination in progress. Shown here is the desk the examiner was using during the exam.

Genesee Mobile MSR Isse Abukar poses with two new members, Mohamud Darbane and his wife, Sitey Baraki.

Genesee MSRs Jessica Stevens and Jennylee Rivera work behind the teller counter.

Genesee CO-OP FCU's Member Maryam Middleton arrives at the CU on her bicycle.

Members of Sasun RUSACCO in Ethiopia participate in an open-air class offerbed by the credit union.

Ametetsion Tsegaye is the bookkeeper - and only paid employee - of Sasun RUSACCO in Ethiopia. She uses hand-written ledger to chart the RUSACCO's financial activity.

Biruh Tefsa Rural Savings & Credit Cooperative Chair Bebremichael Meharl prepares to serve the RUSACCO's membership in the north Ethiopian highlands.

Sasun RUSACCO in Ethiopia offers a variety of classes on everything from financial management to beekeeping, as the arrea is known for its honey.

Dupaco’s mascot, Dollar, offers to help members with a ‘Money Makeover.’

Dupaco’s maintenance man cleans the coin machine.

Dupaco tellers hand over cash to restock drawers.

One Neveda CU Social Media Specialist Jennifer Florendo smiles at the uncharacteristically wet weather in Las Vegas.

NOFFCU Benefits Specialist Kimberly Benoit discusses family medical leave with Accounting Rep Emily Poole, one of four staff members expecting babies in the next six weeks.

NOFFCU Network Administrator Jonathon Vercher checks equipment in the server rack.

NOFFCU MSR Dawn McCoy empties the self-service coin machine.

NOFFCU MSR Caroline Givens and Assistant Branch Manager Hope Petruska conduct monthly teller drawer audits.

NOFFCU Collections Manager Dwayne "Buddy" Lloyd inspects a newly repossessed car.

NOFFCU Marketnig Director Shasta Leininger hosts a dessert party at a select employee group.

New Orleans Firemen's FCU's newest teller, Staci Miller, receives instruction from Training Coordinator Amy Rodriguez.

Keys' leadership team checks the radar as the credit union gears up for Tropical Storm Isaac.