A Day in the Life of Credit Unions (part 1)

Dupaco's Melissa Maabs and Ashley Oldtaker review a check.

At the start of every day, someone at Dupaco Community CU gets the coffee brewing.

Clearview’s consumer lending and card services departments celebrate August birthdays with homemade cake.

Clearview Purchasing Support Representative George Hollis sorts the day's mail.

Clearview Purchasing Reps Jon Kimble and T.J. Pompeo file weekly supply orders from the CU's 18 branches.

Clearview employees attend a training session on Writs of Execution. The session was also open to employees of other nearby credit unions.

Clearview FCU's Jim Wood, Tyler Bonfantin, Dawn Alwine and Jeff Gmuer man the CU's booth at the Wexford Starlite Car Cruise.

Bronco Member Resouce Rep Cheryl Drake helps a family with an address change.

Bronco Teller Sandy Edwards can be seen in the screen of this remote teller system as she waits to serve her next member.

Bronco Accountant Margaret Gladding goes through some checks.

Bronco Collector Teresa Cole has found something suspicious in one of the collections files.

Bronco IT Manager Steve Pittman and CEO Briand Hedepeth try to discuss business despite being distracted by the Day in The Life photographer.

Bronco's FCU Gabby Glen and Katrina Manley assisting a member at the drive-through. The member Monica Johnson, also just happens to be a Bronco staffer on her day off.

Bronco FCU staffer practice for the CU's on Carly Rae Jepsen's hit 'Call Me Maybe.'

A+ FCU's Sally Homesiter, Muna Whitlock and Kelsey Balcaitis prepare for the rap and dance skit they put together to launch 'Savings Challenge' at Austin Community College.

Hawaii State FCU's operational support services team engages in an intense brainstorming session.

Hawaii State FCU's marketing team prepares for a training session.

Hawaii State FCU's HR department really knows how to take care of credit union's personnel.

Genesee Board Members Eileen Flanagan, Peter Garbacik and Linda Hedden prepare for the monthly board meeting.