Why Eight Year Olds Know the Future of the CU Industry
Figuring out the technology needs of millennials is just a warm-up for how an even younger generation will expect to be able to interact with credit unions.   more »
Freedom 1st Credit Union in Dayton, Ohio, has selected COCC as its new core processing system. more »
Though the IBM survey did not include any credit unions, the industry has been monitoring this trend for some time and will bet keeping a close watch on the banks' experience with this technology. more »
Seven other CUs reportedly in talks with EPL. more »
Yahoo says no bank account or card data has been compromised in its massive data breach. Yet hackers could use their ill-gotten personal information about customers to mess with bank accounts. more »
CUs in Wisconsin and Alabama sign on with CUSO's NPS technology more »
A provider of print and e-document services exclusively for credit unions, XDI said in a news release Wednesday that more than half of its new clients are using its complete suite of services, which include statements, notices and tax forms that can all be electronically delivered to their members. more »
Fraud analytics, e-signatures, consent tools, artificial intelligence and notifications are all being floated as possible defenses against employees making up fake account openings and product sales. more »
Financial institutions may have a reputation for being old-school, but their rapidly growing digital-ad budgets are in step with the rest of the business world. Credit unions and banks can both gather valuable demographic data from who clicks on their ads and better measure returns on their investments. more »
When Apple came knocking on their doors to sign up credit unions for Apple Pay, these companies saw an opportunity to change their ways and start acting like nimble, modern financial institutions. more »
Financial services technology provider Fiserv on Wednesday doubled down on its support of the credit union movement, as the company pledged its support to the America's Credit Union Museum Legacy Campaign and to the Filene Research Institute for one of its Centers of Excellence. more »
Annual innovation competition brought together approximately 200 people focused on the next big tech breakthrough for CUs. more »
Product adoption rates for consumers who don’t use digital banking services are near zero, compared to 58.4% for those who do use those services. more »
PenFed Highlights the CU Difference
PenFed CU CEO James Schenck went on TV to discuss the difference between banks and credit unions, and the credit union difference.