Can Zelle Trump Venmo in P2P Exchanges?
The mobile payments solution is aimed at making it easier and faster for bank customers and credit union members to send real-time payments.   more »
There is nothing more frustrating than standing on a long line waiting to pay for items only to have a credit or debit card in good standing red flagged—the dreaded false decline. But that false decline can prove even more painful for the credit union than for its members, because research suggests consumers who experience a false decline stop using the card—sometimes for good. more »
As the outgoing administration stresses the need for stricter regulatory requirements on new fintech companies, technology companies are urging President-elect Donald Trump to lower the barriers to entry for new financial industry players. more »
The $7.7 billion-asset San Diego County CU has launched its own mobile wallet offering as part of a partnership with CU Wallet. more »
Eliminating one-off spreadsheets has helped Westerra CU greatly improve its financial reporting, reducing the time to produce the reports and generating more in-depth analysis. more »
Vibrant CU synchronized its conversion to a new core processing solution with a rebranding effort to shore up a CU that had been losing members, loans and deposits. more »
In an effort to find a faster, easier and more secure way to authenticate members in branches, Gesa Credit Union installed some new technology in its three busiest ones late last year. more »
Desert Schools FCU has a message for other credit unions undergoing a core conversion: "Use a system how it's designed. Don't try to make it look like your old system." more »
Creating a more responsive, intuitive site that connected to Tech CU's rebranding efforts helped drive online lending volume. more »
Post Office Employees FCU in Shreveport, La., has selected Sharatec System as its new core provider. more »
Credit unions can learn about cybersecurity and how to strengthen relations with digital vendors through a webinar hosted by the National Credit Union Administration. more »
President-elect Trump has shown little interest in technology beyond social media, but several of his policies could significantly affect the decisions FIs and their tech vendors make about tech. more »
A Trump presidency might very well accelerate recent efforts to adapt banking regulation to the rise of fintech. more »
What CUs can do that Santa can't...
Looking for a new car this holiday season? This spot from Synergy CU in Ireland is a reminder that there might be better places to go for that than Santa.