When it Comes to NCUA, Bigger Is Not Better: Fryzel
Former NCUA Chairman Michael Fryzel suggests expanding the number of board members of the federal regulator is not a good idea.   more »
For years, a cohesive national brand campaign on the order of "Got Milk?" has eluded the credit union movement, and while the trade association is careful to note this is not a brand campaign, the program promises to be the closest thing to it since CUs tried to leverage Bank Transfer Day in 2011. more »
Technically, two-thirds of CUs don’t have a dog in the MBL fight, so we asked why the industry has spent so much time and energy on this battle. more »
Unethical accounting practices and greed aside, credit unions should take note of another major contributor to the downfall of the infamous energy company: a failure to communicate. more »
The prospect of banks and credit unions meeting small-dollar loan demand is at risk under the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau's restrictive proposal. more »
Instead of trying to become technology innovators themselves, CUs should team up with firms that have a proven track record of innovation, leaving CUs free to stay focused on core competencies. more »
Strong member service is a hallmark of credit unions, so why aren't they giving members an opportunity to trumpet about it? more »
CUs have long argued that the bureau's director already has the authority to create a carve out for the industry, and more than 300 members of Congress agree, but the CFPB is standing firm on the issue. more »
It's said often enough that credit unions have a treasure trove of data that is incredibly valuable...but not if you don't know how to leverage it. more »
Former NCUA Chairman Michael Fryzel is calling on all of the credit unions who serve members of the military to use their collective muscle to push for new leadership and reforms at the Veterans' Administration. more »
With what may be as little six months to get anything done on a politically split two-person board, Metsger has moved quickly to solidify his position. more »
Kim Ann King is vice president of marketing for EiQ Networks.
Credit unions have long paid close attention to managing risk, but identifying, evaluating and mitigating areas of vulnerability can go a long way toward keeping a CU’s data safe and secure. more »
Oddly enough, the quickest way to explain the credit union difference is also the quickest way to render a credit union unable to fulfill its mission. more »
Getting Down to Business
The National CU Foundation has released a new video about the Biz Kid$ program’s impact on youth financial literacy efforts.