How FIs Can Work Together to Put Criminals Behind Bars
It turns out cooperation isn't just good philosophy, it's good business. FIs such as RiverLand FCU are using cross-institutional collaboration to uncover scams and prevent further losses from occurring.   more »
CU Journal asked readers to weigh in on why the industry has been losing small CUs at a rate of one a day for the last 15 years — and if that's a problem. more »
Lobbyists for the credit union industry are decrying a proposal to limit forced arbitration clauses despite ample evidence that credit unions don’t use such clauses in the first place. more »
In this letter to the editor, former NCUA Chairman Michael Fryzel chimes in on the "too small to survive" debate. more »
Every quarter brings another barrage of financial reports showing the big get bigger while the small keep struggling — but what does that really mean? more »
Considered the biggest accounting change ever for FIs, what can be done to mitigate the current expected credit loss rule; and how can regulators, lawmakers and CU do a better job of working together? more »
Former NCUA Chairman Michael Fryzel suggests expanding the number of board members of the federal regulator is not a good idea. more »
For years, a cohesive national brand campaign on the order of "Got Milk?" has eluded the credit union movement, and while the trade association is careful to note this is not a brand campaign, the program promises to be the closest thing to it since CUs tried to leverage Bank Transfer Day in 2011. more »
Technically, two-thirds of CUs don’t have a dog in the MBL fight, so we asked why the industry has spent so much time and energy on this battle. more »
Unethical accounting practices and greed aside, credit unions should take note of another major contributor to the downfall of the infamous energy company: a failure to communicate. more »
The prospect of banks and credit unions meeting small-dollar loan demand is at risk under the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau's restrictive proposal. more »
Instead of trying to become technology innovators themselves, CUs should team up with firms that have a proven track record of innovation, leaving CUs free to stay focused on core competencies. more »
Strong member service is a hallmark of credit unions, so why aren't they giving members an opportunity to trumpet about it? more »
A different way to look at money
This spot from Nymeo highlights the credit union's unusual name -- and the wide variety of ways it can help members.