Will Work on Supplemental Capital Be Hamstrung by Matz's Exit?
Efforts to craft proposal are already underway, but there are some concerns that the regulator won’t be able to get to this before RBC is implemented.   more »
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Most credit unions already have the data they need to anticipate a member business's ability to service debt, but they might not be leveraging that information to the fullest, according to one expert. more »
The idea of allowing a merged credit union to maintain its identity as a "division" of a network CU is interesting, but small CUs should look to CUSOs and their trade groups for resources that would allow them to remain independent, according to former NCUA Board Chairman Michael Fryzel. more »
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More loans means more profit, so why would anyone ask if there’s a dark side to loan growth? Because more loans also means more that can go wrong. more »
When employees create win-win scenarios, your members not only see their credit union as offering a good deal — they see the institution as an strong advocate for their financial well-being. more »
CUNA turns banker questions on tax status, FOM and more back around on them. more »
Great Rates for Everyone
Pentagon FCU has launched the first ad in a series of ads that will be released over the next two weeks and broadcast in several key markets across the country.