Gearing up for New Anti-Money Laundering Requirements
Although the Financial Crimes Enforcement Network’s plan to extend certain AML requirements to smaller institutions that had previously been exempt will mean more work, credit unions have an advantage over their banking counterparts.   more »
President-elect Trump faces legal questions over his idea to hold remittances ransom to fund a wall in Mexico, but the industry should take the threat seriously. more »
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Tech CU CEO Todd Harris seeks to answer these three key questions about what the Federal Open Market Committee will do with interest rates. more »
Though the credit union regulator often takes center stage in the industry it oversees, it is rarely in the spotlight outside of CUs, but here's hoping our newly elected lawmakers take notice of the agency. more »
My fellow Americans, our long national nightmare is over. That's the good news. The bad news: it's time to prepare for the next one, be in in Congress or the courts. more »
Handled correctly, vendor contract management during the course of a merger can go from being a just another integration chore to becoming a key benefit of the transaction. more »
There are a few lessons credit union leaders can learn from the Wells Fargo debacle in order to manage a crisis from the executive level. more »
Revelations from the last several weeks once again underscore the need for effective reputational risk management. more »
A lot of analytical horsepower is being spent on what will happen to the markets after the election, but it seems to make more sense to talk about what will not change for consumers, investors and financial institutions. more »
The last time bankers won a major lawsuit against NCUA, CUs responded by creating one of the most powerful lobbying forces on Capitol Hill. more »
Credit unions can capitalize on bank scandals such as the recent fraud uncovered at Wells Fargo, but they have to lay the groundwork first. more »
It’s a bit premature to celebrate the recent court decision finding the CFPB’s structure to be unconstitutional, according to a veteran credit union attorney who suggests the final outcome on this is far from decided. more »
What CUs can do that Santa can't...
Looking for a new car this holiday season? This spot from Synergy CU in Ireland is a reminder that there might be better places to go for that than Santa.