Revising FOM Must Still Conform to Existing Law: McWatters
NCUA Board Member McWatters says a key portion of his statement on FOM was left out of recent coverage.   more »
With community bankers already talking about suing over FOM, ties between NCUA and CU industry could come under more scrutiny. more »
It's easy to make certain assumptions about what various demographics want, but it's also easy to be wrong. A recent survey on what people want from their financial institutions offers deeper insight. more »
The question of when it makes sense to leave something for the states to hash out, or when should the national entity step in continues to bedevil. more »
Examiners shouldn't be questioning CUs for offering bonuses when loan goals are met, according to Truliant FCU COO Todd Hall. more »
There is no reason to wait—and every reason to move—on improving the way the agency handles complaints related to exams and examiners, according to J. Mark McWatters, a member of the NCUA Board. more »
As many a card expert warned would be the case, there's still a lot of confusion out there about how chip cards work—and what they don't do. more »
The article ‘Postal Banking Is a “Great Idea’: Bernie Sanders’ published Oct. 21 online by Credit Union Journal is yet another example of efforts by elected officials in Washington to have government encroach upon the activities of private enterprise. more »
With multiple points of contact and a boatload of documentation requirements for every loan application, anything credit unions can do to make this process for seamless — and less painful — for members is vital. more »
NCUA’s decision to adopt RBC despite clear signs Congress doesn’t favor the measure could mean political fallout for the agency down the road. more »
The overhead transfer rate remains a primary concern for state charters, but NASCUS CEO Lucy Ito says progress is in sight. more »
For the second time, FinCEN concerns about credit unions have been aired publicly, instead of in private communication with NCUA, and once former NCUA chairman hopes this doesn’t become a habit. more »
Instead of trying everything at once, work to master one or two platforms at a time before moving on to new channels, suggests one social media expert. more »
All the Right Moves
This spot from American Eagle CU focuses on the credit union's user-friendly mobile banking experience, including "deposits as easy as a selfie."