What CUs Can Learn from Ashley Madison
Sure, credit unions don't keep track of extramarital affairs, but the recent Ashley Madison breach demonstrates that financial information isn't the only sensitive data out there that needs to be protected.   more »
John-Ashley Paul is President/CEO of Cubus Solutions.
In recent public discussions about NCUA's Overhead Transfer Rate, some have questioned whether the agency has been sufficiently transparent about the methodology used to calculate the rate each year. This discussion could benefit from a look at the history of the OTR. more »
After an agency spokesman said NCUA will not revert back to the pre-crisis 18-month examination cycle, NAFCU CEO Dan Berger again urges the regulator to give the proposal due consideration. more »
NCUA Board Member J. Mark McWatters points to the agency’s rejection of proposals to revert to an 18-month exam cycle without any debate as further evidence of the need for public budget hearings and greater transparency from the regulator. more »
Between actual monetary losses and reputation risk, the stakes are high when it comes to fraud. CUs should implement a three-pronged approach to protect themselves and their members. more »
This year marks the 40th anniversary of Jaws, the movie that shattered box office records, changed the feature business, and spawned the summer movie blockbuster. What does that have to do with banking? Well, much like how Spielberg's giant shark film signaled the end of Hollywood's formulaic monster movie factory, branch transformation is determining which institutions stay in the financial game and which ones become lunch. more »
Bankers have written the majority of letters on the proposal. It would be very easy to shrug that off. Here's why credit unions should think twice. more »
This financial wellness program helped Mountain America to be seen as a true advocate with its members' best interests at heart. more »
Secured cards and other credit-building offerings can lead to long-term, profitable relationships. more »
The oldest members of this demographic have long since outgrown kids' clubs and cuddly mascots. They're ready for 'real life' — but marketing to them the same way you've always done it will not work. more »
While wisdom typically becomes conventional because it makes a lot of sense, the trick is knowing when to turn conventional wisdom on its head. more »
By the end of 2014, people were buying more cars than any year since 2006, and they're spending more on each car they bought. Make sure your credit union is getting its share of these loans. more »
Consumers are drawn to smaller payments that longer terms can afford, but it's not just about getting a more expensive car; it's about wanting it for the same price they paid a decade ago. more »
Sep 28 – 30, 2015   Las Vegas, NV
The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas
Not Just for Dolls
The latest spot from WesTex FCU focuses on the credit union's community charter.