Three Ways to Prepare for the Next Wells Fargo
Credit unions can capitalize on bank scandals such as the recent fraud uncovered at Wells Fargo, but they have to lay the groundwork first.   more »
It’s a bit premature to celebrate the recent court decision finding the CFPB’s structure to be unconstitutional, according to a veteran credit union attorney who suggests the final outcome on this is far from decided. more »
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The key to making the most of a window of opportunity opened up by a competitor’s mistakes is being ready for it before it ever happens and having a compelling story to tell newly opened ears. more »
In a world where the 34 deaths caused by Hurricane Matthew was old news even before the storm blew itself out, how does ICU Day stack up? more »
It's not just millennials who love mobile banking, it's also members who have to move around a lot for their jobs, live or work in a rural area and those who are constantly living on the go. more »
While some credit unions have embraced some of the changes and are already reevaluating their underwriting policies in light of it, few — if any — are testing the full limits of the new regulations. more »
In a move that surely surprised the benighted Wells Fargo, one of its big bank brethren has pledged not to take advantage of the scandal. Go figure. more »
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Just months away from when the elections could change everything, the question is whether the agency will be able to tackle the big issues of field of membership and increasing transparency. more »
How Diverse is Your CU?
This video from NCUA introduces the regulator's new diversity self-assessment checklist to help credit unions can improve their diversity efforts. The assessment has no bearing on an institution's CAMEL rating and is not part of the exam process.