Wednesday, July 1, 2015
Advocacy, Education & Compliance: Solid Foundation For Success
As NAFCU's members gather in Montreal for the group's annual meeting, SRP FCU CEO Ed Templeton reflects on the insight he has gained during his tenure as NAFCU chairman, and the value the trade association brings to its member credit unions.
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If NCUA's risk-based capital proposal is a bitter pill to swallow, credit unions can at least be thankful for the spoonful of sugar the agency is currently working on: revamping the field of membership rules. more »
2015 is shaping up to be the year that credit unions will start making serious moves to innovate their small business lending practices on par with upstart online lenders and provide the improved customer experience members expect. more »
It’s easy for credit unions to shrug off things that appear to only affect banks, such as Operation Choke Point, Too Big to Fail, and others, but given what recent history has taught us about the dangers of the trickle-down effect, here’s why the industry can't afford to ignore some of these banker headaches. more »
The digital age has transformed how credit unions conduct business. With 24/7 access from almost anywhere in the world, customers can complete all types of transactions through a variety of devices. It has never been easier to pay bills online, apply for a loan, set up a retirement plan, check an account balance, or receive financial advice; however, such progress and convenience often come at a price. more »
Local Government FCU doesn't negotiate with its employees or prospective employees on salary, a practice that some might find off-putting, but the CU says it's all about preventing an adversarial environment. more »
While the heated war or words between NCUA Board Chairman Debbie Matz and Board Member Mark McWatters is hardly the first time the agency has seen such a clash of philosophies—and personalities—credit unions would be wise to keep an eye on this one. more »
Sen. Shelby’s financial reform legislation is missing some key ingredients sought by credit unions, but sometimes half a loaf is better than no bread at all when it comes to political maneuvering. more »
Credit unions that offer services such as mobile banking, will have a competitive advantage by providing additional touch points, delivering a top-notch customer experience and engaging with customers via their preferred method of banking. more »
Moreover, conventional wisdom says that these people are understandably wary of going further into debt and therefore don't have much of an appetite for additional loans, even if a credit union was willing to make them. more »
NCUA Board Member Mark McWatters said the agency's risk-based capital proposal punishes credit unions for sins they did not commit during the financial crisis. more »
The U.S. will begin to officially jump on board the EMV bandwagon on Oct. 1. more »
During the Credit Union Campaign for Consumer Choice — the effort to pass the bill most frequently referred to in credit union land as HR 1151, but more formally known as the Credit Union Membership Access Act — the movement flexed its much lauded grass-roots muscle and generated scads of letters, emails and calls to congressional offices. more »
Former NCUA Board Chairman Michael Fryzel is calling on the current NCUA Board to contract for an independent audit of the corporate stabilization fund. more »
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This video focusing on car-buying tips is one of three similar spots from the Young Adult Advisory Panel at CU West in Glendale, Arizona. More YAAP videos can be seen at youtube.com/creditunionwest
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