Thursday, April 24, 2014
Don't Let Your Financial Literacy Efforts End When April Is Over
Yes, April is Financial Literacy Month. But helping members to achieve financial well-being? That's 24/7/365 the mission of credit unions, not just the flavor of the month.
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Many financial institutions mistakenly think of effective duration as a measure of time, as opposed to a measure of price sensitivity. When measuring duration in terms of time, institutions are actually calculating a "Macaulay" or cash flow duration. Effective duration represents the percent change in the price of an asset for a given change in rates. more »
During NACUSO's annual meeting last week peaceful acceptance of a component of NCUA's risk-based capital proposal did not rule the day, with many openly confused over how the risk-weighting of CUSOs will work. more »
With the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau's ability to repay/qualified mortgage rule's deadline passing in January, will we see the light at the end of the compliance tunnel or another oncoming regulation freight train? more »
The competitive implications of prohibiting credit unions from raising supplemental capital are now too serious to ignore and warrant broad discussion. more »
It appears there is more interest than we might have thought in who will be named as CUNA's new CEO. more »
With the average age of credit union members currently at 47, capturing a younger demographic has been a topic of interest within the credit union community for some time now. more »
The National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) has issued version 1.0 of its Framework for Improving Critical Infrastructure Cybersecurity. more »
Is "backward" the new "forward?" In at least one critical regard for credit unions, the answer is yes. more »
While it looks like credit unions will dodge the taxation bullet again this year, bankers won't stop attacking their not-for-profit status. It's a fight that still has a long way to go. more »
A credit union is like a bank, except where a bank is owned by its shareholders, a credit union is owned by its members, in other words it's owned by you. more »
Numerous credit unions have committed to a culture of growth that supports top-line growth and stellar performance. more »
Technology invites the explorers, the risk takers, to get "ahead of the curve." In a word, technology invites the young. more »
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