Thursday, December 25, 2014
2014: Year of 'Enough Is Enough'
In 2014, "Enough is enough" was NAFCU's rallying cry for the overwhelming regulatory burden on credit unions. NAFCU steadfastly advanced that message from Capitol Hill to the White House and beyond, yielding victories in many areas.
  more »
In this, our annual "Year In Review" edition of Credit Union Journal, it's a time of reflection and retrospection, and so I harken back to opening my very first savings account. more »
There are fewer payday loans in Colorado now because each loan is structured to last for months, not weeks. more »
The recent article published in CU Journal concerning the possible efforts of Grameen America to obtain a credit union charter raised some interesting observations about how hard that may be to achieve. more »
As the end of the year looms and a new year on the horizon, credit unions across the country are offering members a tangible piece of "the credit union difference:" annual bonuses. more »
Cliff Rosenthal shares insights from his second career at the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. more »
As the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau considers rules to protect consumers who take out payday loans, some observers are pointing to changes that Colorado enacted in 2010 as a model. more »
Change is inevitable. Whether you like it or not, whether you do or you don't want it to happen, whether you advocate the status quo or you don't — change will take place with or without you on board. more »
When I first started writing about credit unions, lo' these many years ago, there were a number of things that shocked me, not the least of which was a fire-and-brimstonesque speech by then NCUA Chairman Norman D'Amours about the evils of competition (sometimes called "coopetition") among credit unions. more »
There's a commercial on TV right now that makes fun of all the different "bests" out there — "best grandmother," "best boss," etc. And then there's the increasingly ubiquitous phrase: "best practices." more »
The Pew Charitable Trusts places the highest premium on the accuracy of our research. more »
Is your digital communications investment simply a replacement for your traditional communications in branch, or is it meant to do more than just replace posters on walls? more »
Big banks saw public confidence in their institutions plummet as they were forced to pay billions of dollars in fines, penalties and various legal settlements for practices that allegedly helped bring about the crisis. more »
Lack of access to capital, as well, as predatory lending and financial services holds our nation back — underserved communities can't move forward due to rampant inequities in the access to affordable, responsible finance. more »
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