Friday, May 29, 2015
Is Encryption as a Service the Answer to DDoS Attacks, Breaches and Other Hacks Targeted at CUs?
Credit unions that offer services such as mobile banking, will have a competitive advantage by providing additional touch points, delivering a top-notch customer experience and engaging with customers via their preferred method of banking.
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Moreover, conventional wisdom says that these people are understandably wary of going further into debt and therefore don't have much of an appetite for additional loans, even if a credit union was willing to make them. more »
NCUA Board Member Mark McWatters said the agency's risk-based capital proposal punishes credit unions for sins they did not commit during the financial crisis. more »
The U.S. will begin to officially jump on board the EMV bandwagon on Oct. 1. more »
During the Credit Union Campaign for Consumer Choice — the effort to pass the bill most frequently referred to in credit union land as HR 1151, but more formally known as the Credit Union Membership Access Act — the movement flexed its much lauded grass-roots muscle and generated scads of letters, emails and calls to congressional offices. more »
Former NCUA Board Chairman Michael Fryzel is calling on the current NCUA Board to contract for an independent audit of the corporate stabilization fund. more »
The millennial generation, born between 1982 and 2000, will soon be coming into preeminence. This group — the credit union members of the future, is at least as large as the baby boom generation. more »
Machine-to-machine (M2M) communications are on the rise. From tracking room temperatures to monitoring equipment battery levels, these connected devices already have a solid foothold in today's corporate networks and together they contribute to the Internet of Things (IoT). more »
The potential for human error and fraud — such as a check being altered or deposited multiple times on different dates or at different credit union locations — are real and persistent challenges. more »
The first article in the series looked at the trend of CUs that specifically avoid referring to themselves as credit unions. more »
Google's announcement of Pony Express, a bill presentment and payment service, has caught the attention of many financial service providers including credit unions and banks. more »
Former NCUA Chairman Michael Fryzel says despite changes ongoing within the credit union movement, most credit unions remain true to the original mission of "not for profit, not for charity but for service." more »
A recent Credit Union Journal story asked several credit unions that specifically avoid referring to themselves as credit unions why they made that decision and what sort of results they've seen from it. more »
This is the final installment in a series of op-eds by veteran CU advocate — and former CFPB official — Cliff Rosenthal on how credit unions can develop a better relationship with CFPB. more »
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Take Me Out to the Ball Game
It's baseball season, and this spot from SPIRE CU highlights the credit union's connection - both as a sponsor and philosophically - with local team the St. Paul Saints.
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