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The Ritz-Carlton Orlando, Grande Lakes
4012 Central Florida Parkway
Orlando, FL 32837
Tel: (407) 206-2400

Letter from Conference Chairman

Dear Colleague:

Credit unions of all assets and locations share one thing in common: it's imperative that they grow. That's why Growth will be the only item on the agenda at Credit Union Journal's Grow Show 2013, set for May 29-31 in Orlando.

Grow Show isn't about theories or consultants sharing blue sky visions. And you won't find big name or famous keynote speakers with “35,000-foot views.” Instead, Credit Union Journal's Grow Show has earned a strong reputation for providing ground-level view perspectives from credit unions that have driven growth across the enterprise. Lending. New members. Effective onboarding. Awareness. And so much more.

Credit union conferences frequently talk about "takeaways" for attendees and participants. Credit Union Journal's Grow Show delivers. Drawn from the Journal's Best Practices winners, Grow Show has packed its agenda with more than a dozen CU leaders sharing first-hand accounts of how they have effectively driven growth at their operations, and how you can, too.

You don't need to be told the financial services market is evolving rapidly and is increasingly competitive. But a fundamental pillar of credit unions has long been a willingness to collaborate, and Grow Show is a testament to such collaboration and willingness to share insights and lessons learned. Moreover, we created a schedule that allows for plenty of opportunity to network with the speakers, other attendees and solutions providers.

Credit Union Journal is doing all it can to fulfill its editorial mission of serving growth-oriented credit unions. We've endeavored to find a location that's easy to get to, and a first-class meeting facility (the Ritz-Carlton) with a credit union budget in mind (just $159 a night!).

Join us for Grow Show 2013 and hear how other credit unions are growing and building share in their markets, often in innovative and creative ways. For more information, please call (800) 803-3424.

We look forward to having you join us at Grow Show 2013.


Frank J. Diekmann
Credit Union Journal