Four Takeaways from Janet Yellen's Contentious Hill Hearing
Federal Reserve chair Janet Yellen testified for the second consecutive year on regulatory issues, the fate of Wells Fargo and whether the central bank acts in a political fashion.   more »
WASHINGTON – More than one hundred House Democrats sent a letter to Consumer Financial Protection Bureau Director Richard Cordray on Wednesday calling for the agency to strengthen its proposal to rein in payday lending. more »
The National Credit Union Administration on Tuesday said it will receive $1.1 billion to settle legal claims against Royal Bank of Scotland related to the sale of faulty mortgage-backed securities to two corporate credit unions. more »
NCUA Chairman Rick Metsger has proposed changing the name of NCUA's Office of Consumer Protection to the Office of Consumer Financial Protection and Access. more »
The Department of Labor said Tuesday it is launching a probe into whether Wells Fargo violated labor laws by instituting stringent sales quotas — practices that led to a $190 million settlement with federal regulators earlier this month. more »
Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump used the first debate late Monday to attack the Federal Reserve Board, reiterating accusations that it has purposely kept interest rates low to help President Obama. more »
Just in time for the first presidential debate, the Credit Union National Association is rolling out the next phase of its “Strong Credit Unions, Strong Middle Class” campaign, which it launched last year during the run-up to primary voting. more »
Matz was appointed to NCUA twice, by two different presidents, and has in-the-trenches experience from her time as an executive vice president at a credit union. more »
The national CU trade associations and state leagues all have differing methods of how they distribute their political fundraising dollars, but all agreed that any candidate that supports credit unions is a candidate worth supporting. more »
Despite praise from CFPB Director Richard Cordray, tension was high during his address at the conference, which also featured a variety of lawmakers alternately criticizing and defending the bureau. more »
Other investigations related to Wells Fargo may prevent the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau from sharing confidential information with House investigators, Director Richard Cordray said Thursday. more »
Republican lawmakers are pushing back against claims by the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau's allies that it rooted out fraud at Wells Fargo, arguing the L.A. City Attorney and the Los Angeles Times brought the situation to light. more »
As long as current projections hold, the regulator is unlikely to require further assessments from credit unions, though it is not yet clear whether CUs will get any money back. more »
PenFed Highlights the CU Difference
PenFed CU CEO James Schenck went on TV to discuss the difference between banks and credit unions, and the credit union difference.