How CUs Are Faring in the Blizzard's Wake
NEW YORK — Despite crippling amounts of snow from behemoth winter storm Jonas, most credit unions are operating relatively normally, according to leagues in some of the hardest-hit states in the Eastern U.S.   more »
NCUA on Tuesday said it is partnering with the Missouri Division of Credit Unions and the Mississippi Department of Banking and Consumer Finance to work with federally insured credit unions affected by the recent severe storms and flooding in the two waterlogged states. more »
The aftershocks of a white police officer's shooting of unarmed teenager Michael Brown are still being felt across the nation, and three credit unions are committed to helping rebuild this community. more »
To understand this massive storm's impact, said Mississippi CU Association CEO Charles Elliott, "you must comprehend that people lost their past, their present and their future. For some, there was no evidence they ever existed." more »
Ten years after Hurricane Katrina wreaked havoc along the Gulf Coast, many credit unions in the area appear to have rebounded, having learned some painful lessons along the way. more »
While banks have been backing away from branching, a recent study by SNL Financial that credit unions have been adding more new branches the last couple of years. more »
There's been a lot of talk about futuristic branches. Here's how two CUs have already implemented their own strategies to take their networks to the next generation. more »
CO-OP Shared Branch has overtaken Bank of America in number of branches, and now is the third-largest network of financial institution branches in the United States, according to data drawn from the FDIC. more »
ATM management company Dolphin Debit has placed large, drive-up ATMs at Murphy USA fuel stations, adjacent to Walmart stores, for credit unions in Mississippi and Texas. more »
The number of branches at credit unions and banks has been surging for decades and presents some challenging problems for financial institutions as they face an ever-increasingly competitive landscape in the future. more »
VACAVILLE, Calif. — Whatever you do, don't call it a branch. Travis Credit Union 23rd location is a Financial Solution Center. more »
BIRMINGHAM, Ala. — Shared branching network CU Service Centers of Alabama is set to return $147,000 in patronage rebates and dividends, the fourth consecutive year it has done so. more »
Online banking, ATMs and other advances have limited face-to-face transactions, but new Federal Deposit Insurance Corp. research says the brick-and-mortar office isn't going anywhere just yet. more »
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Pelican State CU asks members to share why they belong to the credit union, and one key theme emerges: helping a member during a specific time of need is what keeps them coming back through the door.