Combatting The Rise of False Declines

There is nothing more frustrating than standing on a long line waiting to pay for items only to have a credit or debit card in good standing red flagged—the dreaded false decline. But that false decline can prove even more painful for the credit union than for its members, because research suggests consumers who experience a false decline stop using the card—sometimes for good.

Insured Shares/Deposits Top $1 Trillion For First Time In Q3

Membership surpassed 106 million, even as larger credit unions continue to see the lion’s share of the industry’s growth.  more »

12th Annual Best Practices Award Winners: Innovations on Tap

Looking for tried-and-true strategies that yield serious results? Look no further than CU Journal's Best Practices Awards featuring great ideas that have been tested in the real world with proven value.  more »
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What CUs can do that Santa can't...
Looking for a new car this holiday season? This spot from Synergy CU in Ireland is a reminder that there might be better places to go for that than Santa.