Kristen Christian, who founded Bank Transfer Day in 2011, is planning to bring the event back this year in the wake of the Wells Fargo scandal. Bank Transfer Day helped spur credit unions to some of their biggest growth metrics in decades.

Bank Transfer Day to Return, but Will Lightning Strike Twice for CUs?

Bank Transfer Day is set for a comeback following the Wells Fargo cross-selling scandal, but credit unions are warned not to expect the same type of mass consumer migration they saw five years ago.

Four Takeaways from Janet Yellen's Contentious Hill Hearing

Federal Reserve chair Janet Yellen testified for the second consecutive year on regulatory issues, the fate of Wells Fargo and whether the central bank acts in a political fashion.  more »

House Democrats Push CFPB for Stronger Payday Rule

WASHINGTON – More than one hundred House Democrats sent a letter to Consumer Financial Protection Bureau Director Richard Cordray on Wednesday calling for the agency to strengthen its proposal to rein in payday lending.  more »
FinTech Forward
Ex-Banker's Crowdfunding Firm Finds Its Missing Link: A Bank
Kim Kaselionis saw a lot of small-business-loan applications die on her desk when she was a bank chief, so she started a crowdfunding firm to nurse along startups till they were bankable. That's where Fresno First comes in.  read more »
PenFed Highlights the CU Difference
PenFed CU CEO James Schenck went on TV to discuss the difference between banks and credit unions, and the credit union difference.