Already Missing Football? Navy Federal Talks NFL Advertising Strategy

The Super Bowl is over, but don’t despair—Credit Union Journal chatted with the world’s largest credit union about the results of its football ad campaign.

Auto Sales Set New Record In 2015, With More to Come in 2016

Credit unions are outperforming other auto lenders, but experts warn some may need to rethink their pricing for risk.  more »

Are Lenders Ready to Give Strategic Defaulters a Second Chance?

Remember those homeowners who walked away from their underwater mortgages even though they could still afford their loans? They're back, this time as prospective borrowers.  more »
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FinTech Forward
What's Behind Restructuring of BBVA's Fintech Venture Fund
Banks' in-house venture funds tend to favor mature fintech companies, but BBVA's establishment of an outside fund should help the bank get in on the ground floor with early-stage companies.  read more »
Card Forum 2016
Apr 12 – 14, 2016  
Los Angeles
Pelican Asks: What's Your Story?
Pelican State CU asks members to share why they belong to the credit union, and one key theme emerges: helping a member during a specific time of need is what keeps them coming back through the door.