Seven Features Your CU's Mobile App Needs to Succeed

To land and retain millennials, Synechron’s head of innovation, David Horton, suggests mobile banking apps must graduate from simply replicating online banking on a phone to leveraging the native functionality of mobile hardware.

Number of CUs Filing Late Call Reports Doubles from Same Time Last Year

Thirty CUs have agreed to pay late fines to the Treasury totaling more than $20,000.  more »

Goldman's Consumer Lending Platform Could Be a Wake-Up Call for CUs

Credit unions may not face significant competition from Goldman Sachs’ entrance into consumer lending, but analysts say it should serve as a wake-up call for how CUs market personal loan products.  more »
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How Diverse is Your CU?
This video from NCUA introduces the regulator's new diversity self-assessment checklist to help credit unions can improve their diversity efforts. The assessment has no bearing on an institution's CAMEL rating and is not part of the exam process.