WOCCU Unveils Social Media Platform Designed Specifically for CUs

The World Council of Credit Unions has launched a social media app aimed at bringing together the global credit union community, but questions remain about whether or not it will catch on.

Corporate Recovery Litigation Has Cost More Than $1B: NCUA

Legal fees for lawsuits against the banks and securities firms that sold the faulty mortgage-backed securities that led to the corporate credit union meltdown have eaten up more than 20% of total recoveries.  more »

What a Trump Victory Would Mean for CUs

Despite more than a year of campaigning and discussing various issues, Donald Trump remains a huge question mark when it comes to policies affecting credit unions — making it unclear exactly what his priorities would be if he succeeds in seizing the White House.  more »
FinTech Forward
Strange Days: Bankers Nonplussed by Fintech, '16 Election
Attendees at this year's American Bankers Association conference are fixated on the election, fintech competition and banking's changing landscape. While optimistic, many are still wondering where their industry is headed.  read more »
How Diverse is Your CU?
This video from NCUA introduces the regulator's new diversity self-assessment checklist to help credit unions can improve their diversity efforts. The assessment has no bearing on an institution's CAMEL rating and is not part of the exam process.